Emeritus refers to an individual who has retired from the educational institution in good standing. The designation of Emeritus title must follow the guidelines and requirements set forth by The Texas A&M University  System Policy 31.08 Emeritus emphasizing the designation is bestowed by the board to recognize the achievements of a member of the system upon the retirement of the individual and the recommendation by the chancellor.

    Each university/agency should send their completed Emeritus template to the Office of Academic Affairs via email to AA-AgendaItems@tamus.edu.



    Required Form


    Special Instructions

    • A signed memo from the president or director, on letterhead, must be sent with the submission.
    • Please list names in alphabetical order.
    • Include a blank row between each name submission.
    • The standard terminology in the Effective Date column is “Upon Approval by the Board and the Honoree’s Retirement.
    • It is imperative that all names are spelled correctly with the appropriate prefix (Dr., Mr., Ms., Mrs.).  The name you submit will be on the Certificates mailed by the Board Office exactly as listed.
    • It is imperative to ensure the Conferred title is accurate.
    • Candidates may not use the Emeritus title until BOTH terms have been met; i.e., the Board has approved the designation AND the candidate has retired.