Nicholas Madere, Student Regent

Nicholas Madere, Student RegentNicholas Madere of College Station, Texas is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in the College of Biology at Texas A&M University with a minor in Anthropology. While attending Texas A&M, he has held leadership positions both inside and outside the Corps of Cadets and Squadron 20 – a unit geared toward developing pre-professional students. He has held the positions of First Sergeant, Finance Corporal and that of a Squad Leader, and is serving as the Commanding Officer of the unit for the 2013-2014 academic year. Mr. Madere is also a member of the Ross Volunteer Company, the Honor Guard for the Governor of Texas. Additionally, he is a member of the Chancellor’s Advisory Student Council and formerly served as the Financial Development Executive for the Memorial Student Center (MSC) Student Conference on National Affairs and as the Development Executive for the MSC Wiley Lecture Series.

Mr. Madere has completed several internships and upon completion of his degree, he plans to attend dental school pursuant to his interests in both Oral Surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Mr. Madere was appointed by Governor Rick Perry to serve a one-year term expiring on May 31, 2014.