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TAMUS has contracted with Concur and Shorts Travel to help you better manage your travel needs more efficiently and effectively.  The Software as a Service solution will allow you to record and track your travel progress from preapproval to booking to reimbursement.

Preapproval: Depending on policy within your university or agency, preapproval may be necessary.  Preapprovals will allow you to estimate expenses and seek supervisor approval prior to taking a trip.  This will ensure that funds have been encumbered and trips have been approved. Travelers will login through the Texas A&M University System SSO menu and access the eTravel system.

Preapproval Foreign Travel: Foreign travel will be integrated into the preapproval and booking process.

 Booking Online: Through My Concur page, travelers can quickly and simultaneously book local and international flights, cars, and hotels from one single tool knowing it's within the Texas A&M University System policies. To see a demonstration on how to book your Air/Car/Hotel please click here.

 Travel Agency: TAMUS has contracted with Shorts travel to provide and deliver comprehensive, client specific travel management services faster, cheaper, and with a personal touch.  Because of their flexibility, dedication, and attention to detail, the traveler can be assured their travel needs have been met.  Travelers may book on-line at a reduced fee or by agent assistance at a higher fee but lower than most fees previously paid.

 Reimbursement for Travel: Expense reports are seamless and easy to fill out.  With the touch of a button, you can attach e-receipts and card charges to your expense report leaving just a few additional expenses to key in.  And the approval process is electronic.  You will be able to track where your expense report is sitting and whether or not it has been authorized.  Made a mistake?  Not an issue.  The approver can electronically return the report to you with a note to make corrections.  Once approved, the report is loaded into the accounting system for quicker reimbursements.

Employee Profile:  Before you can book a trip, submit an expense report or pre-trip authorization, you must review, edit and save your profile.  To view a demonstration on how to create or update your profile please visit this site.