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Departmental Laserfiche Administrators
Laserfiche Administrator

 Academic Affairs

 Shauna King

 Board of Regents

 Jackie Bell

 Budgets & Accounting

 Dorothy Thompson

 Business Computing Services

 Sherri Lander

 Chancellor’s Office

 Sandra Chavarria

 Facilities, Planning, & Construction

 James Davidson

 Human Resources

 Patti Bonneson

 Internal Audit

 Judy Stovall

 Office of Technology Commercialization

 Rhonda Korte

 Planning, Policy & Training

 Stacy Flores

 Real Estate

 Janie Tountas

 Treasury Services

 Maria Robinson

  • If you have a technical problem or question, please contact the SO Help Desk. The easiest way to do this is by going to Microsoft Outlook and clicking the SO Help Desk icon, which should appear on your Outlook toolbar. The Help Desk icon looks like this:

SO Help Desk icon

If you are unable to use the icon, contact

Examples of questions for the SO Help Desk: I get errors when I try to perform a task in Laserfiche. I can't get the LF Snapshot feature to work. I can't get my scanner to work. A new employee needs Laserfiche installed on his/her machine and needs rights to certain folders in our department's LF repository.

  • If you have a question about business processes in your area or how to do a simple task in Laserfiche, please contact your Departmental Laserfiche Administrator (see list above).

    Examples of questions for your administrator: Can we set up a sub-folder for these documents? Which template should I use for this document? I have forgotten how to log in. How do I change the font or toolbar settings?