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The System Special Events Program provides protection to System Members when conducting programs or activities on Member property.  The policy is designed to provide coverage for all participants and staff of the Member during the event.  The program consists of accident medical and general liability coverage. Coverage camps involving minors (K-12) should consider using the Summer Camp Insurance Program.

In order to obtain general liability coverage, the Member must also include accident medical coverage.  A member can choose to provide accident medical coverage, however, System Risk Management would ask the Member submit a Risk Assessment Form for review prior to deciding not to purchase general liability coverage.

To register an event for coverage, please complete the Special Events Form.  It can be found in both Adobe and Word formats.  Forward to for further processing.  An invoice will follow routed to your respective Risk Management Contact from System Risk Management for payment.

For questions, please feel free to contact: System Risk Manager, Henry Judah or Senior Insurance Specialist, Debbie Smith or Risk Management Coordinator, Charles Longoria at (979) 458-6330