Procedures for Reporting Property Loss Claims »

The Risk Management and Safety Office (RMS) of The Texas A&M University System needs immediate notice of the essential details of any property damage that may arise at your respective institution.

System Risk Management has developed a “Property Loss" Form for the purpose of reporting this damage. You may find the form in either an Adobe or Microsoft Word format here.  As indicated by the title and explanatory caption, this form may be used to report such summary details as are known immediately upon occurrence of any property damage. The form should be submitted no later than two days after the essential details of the property damage are known with as much information as possible (including essential additional details and comments not specifically requested on the form).

Along with the form, please provide as quickly as possible photos of the damage, any special precautions which should be performed to secure the property and any other important information vital to preserving the scene for potential claim investigation by relevant insurance carriers.

Fax or email the form to Risk Management and Safety at (979) 458-6247, or

Reporting procedures should be established within each System Member to notify the chief financial officer or a designee immediately of any such property loss. 

System Risk Management will review the property loss form and submit a notice of loss to any and all insurance carriers where coverage may apply.

For questions, please feel free to contact: Henry Judah, Charles Longoria or Debbie Smith at (979) 458-6330