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The mobile inland marine insurance is an instrument which is designed to protect trailers and their permanently attached equipment which may not be covered under a typical standard property policy. The Texas A&M University System Mobile Inland Marine Policy provides coverage for trailers and their associated permanently attached equipment.  This coverage is broader in nature than typically found in standard property insurance policies.  It provides a much lower deductible than found on the System’s standard property insurance policy, thus providing greater payment to a respective Member for small losses in number and value.  Typically, if a department could not replace their trailer via other means, it might be wise to consider placing the trailer for coverage under this policy.  If the trailer does contain non-permanent equipment, consideration should be given to placing coverage under the System’s equipment inland marine policy. You may review further information about the mobile inland marine policy by reviewing the Policy Outline.  The rate is based on $100 valuation.  If you would like an estimate for coverage, please contact your respective Risk Management contacts. 

Sample items and their permanently attached contents items covered under this policy would include:

  • General use trailers
  • Mobile surgical laboratory trailers
  • Mobile response trailers
  • Construction use trailers
  • Exhibit trailers
  • Scientific testing trailers
  • Mobile broadcasting trailers

Equipment covered under this policy must be scheduled on the inland marine inventory.  In order to add new equipment to the policy, please complete the Mobile Marine Inventory Form.  To make a change to an already scheduled item, please complete the Inland Marine Inventory Change Form.

To make a claim for covered property after a loss, please submit a Property Loss Form through your respective Risk Management Contacts.  They will forward to System Risk Management for processing.  Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact System Risk Manager, Henry Judah, Risk Management Coordinator, Charles Longoria or Sr. Insurance Specialist, Debbie Smith at 979-458-6330.