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Welcome to the Texas A&M University System Assistance Abroad Program

International SOS medical, travel, and security assistance services are provided to all participating System Member's employees and students when traveling outside of the United States, on official System programs.

International SOS is the world's largest medical and security assistance company, with more than 3,500 professionals in 24-hour Alarm Centers, international clinics and remote-site medical facilities across five continents. International SOS is the leader in its field, ready to help you with all of your medical and security needs.

Please review the Country Guides & Security Reports to determine if the country you are traveling to is considered to be High Risk. If the country is listed as a High Risk Medical or Security Location, please contact either your respective Risk Management Contacts or the System Risk Management office at (979) 458-6330 prior to departure.

Whenever you travel away from your country of residence, make sure you have your International SOS card handy. Also, make sure you review important medical and safety information about the country to which you are traveling. We encourage you to learn more about the program benefits and to find answers to frequently asked questions by visiting The Texas A&M System Member Website.  You will need the membership number to access the website.  This number can be found on your International SOS membership card.