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When considering the use of amusement type rides for any activity (bounce houses are considered amusement rides)  System Risk Management would refer you to the Texas Department of Insurance website regarding amusement ride regulations.  This site provides a wealth of information regarding inspections and certifications by vendors of their respective amusement rides.

Link to the TDI Amusement Ride

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Link to the TDI Amusement Ride

Inspection List:

The list is updated weekly and shows the vendor and the inspection expiration date.  If a vendor is listed on the TDI website, then that vendor is in compliance with the regulations promulgated by TDI, including the inspection requirement and the requirement to carry liability insurance in the amounts specified in Chapter 2151 of the Texas Occupations Code.  According to TDI, there is NO exemption or exception from complying with these regulations for governmental entities (i.e., cities, counties, etc.), even if the entity is only donating the ride for use by the public.

In order for the university to use inflatable bounce houses or other inflatable "rides" within the meaning of the statute, the university should:

  1. Check the TDI website to confirm that the vendor providing the ride is approved by TDI and in compliance with the inspection and insurance requirements
  2. Confirm that the inspection sticker number and serial number of the ride listed on the website match the actual ride that is delivered by the vendor for use by the university.


NOTE:  HB 3570 passed in the 2011(R) legislative session reduced the liability coverage required for Class B rides from $1.5MM to $1MM.