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The Texas A&M System agencies received an $8.9 million increase in base funding for the 2008-09 biennium.  Included in the increase is $2.3 million to annualize salaries at the 2007 level, and $6.6 million in General Revenue Funds to adopt formula funding for maintenance & operation of infrastructure inside Brazos County at the same rate as Texas A&M University.   In the bill as introduced the agencies, like other state agencies that have identified administrative costs, were subject to a five percent cut in administration; however, in the final bill the legislature restores this reduction for the agencies.  The legislature also eliminates the rider provision in the Article III Special Provisions that restricted funds for out-of-Brazos County infrastructure to be used only for those purposes.

The agencies are included in the state employee pay raise of 2 percent (or a $50/month minimum) in each year of the 2008-09 biennium.  The estimated General Revenue share for the agencies is $7.5 million.

The legislature provided $11.85 million in new special items for the agencies in the Article III Special Provisions.  Of the $11.85 million in special items that are added in the Article III Special Provisions, $5 million was vetoed by the Governor and are noted below.  Items added include: 

  • Texas Agricultural Experiment Station:
    • Biological Energy Alliance ($4 million)
    • Obesity Research (S&W Temple) ($2 million) VETOED
    • Feedyard Beef Cattle Production ($0.85 million)
  • Texas Cooperative Extension:  Extend Program Delivery ($3 million) VETOED
  • Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Lab:   Bio Safety Lab ($2 million)

A&M System Research and Service Agencies
General Revenue Funds
House Bill 1 Appropriations for 2008-09

Compared to 2006-07 Expended/Budgeted Level

Agencies * 2008-09 Change % Change
Agricultural Experiment Station $  115,048,298 $  9,423,004 8.9 %
Cooperative Extension 97,553,756 3,686,277 3.9 %
Forest Service 31,323,382 647,424 2.1 %
Vet. Medical Diagnostic Lab. 12,527,231 2,746,788 28.1 %
Engineering Experiment Station 28,398,556 3,808,251 15.5 %
Transportation Institute 12,987,760 970,276 8.1 %**
Engineering Extension Service 13,869,730 1,943,075 16.3 %
  Total, A&M System Agencies     $  311,708,713 $  23,225,095 8.1 %

*   Includes estimated funding for state employee pay raise.
** TTI funding is Fund 006 State Highway Fund.

The Governor also vetoed a contingency rider that would have appropriated an additional $10 million to the Texas Forest Service for the Texas Wildfire Protection Plan from the Volunteer Fire Department Assistance Account.  The initial bill authorizing the funding did not pass; however, the bill was rolled into another piece of legislation that did pass.

Other articles of House Bill 1 include increases in funding in program areas which will be carried out by the A&M System Agencies. Funding at the Texas Department of Agriculture is increased by: $1.6 million for zebra chip research with a rider that directs the TDA to enter into an interagency contract with the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station for the research, and $500,000 for feral hog abatement which is done by the Texas Cooperative Extension Service.

General Revenue Funds for Community Colleges was increased by a total of $91.2 million, including: $76.7 million to enhance the formulas and $10.2 million in formula hold harmless to ensure that no community college district is funded below its 2006–07 formula level.