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The following is a listing of those individuals that served as primary analysts on the BATF for the 79th Legislative Session.

Academic Related Issues

Verna Dewees
Glenn Dowling
Mary Sherwood

Agriculture Related Issues

Cady Auckerman
Lelve Gayle
Margaret Hale
Jim Hull
Allan Jones
Bob Whitson

Engineering Related Issues

Arturo Alonzo
Bernie Fette
Martha Ginzel
Malcolm Verdict

Facilities/Construction Related Issues

Tony Heger

Finance Related/General Operation Issues

Jeff Wickline
Don Barwick

Health Education Related Issues

Cindy Ceen
Jonathon Elliston
Gisela Hernandez
Jim Joyce
Ken McLeroy
Doug Venuti

Human Resource Related Issue

Joni Baker
Patti Bonneson
Paul Bozeman
Ellen Gerescher
Steve Hassel
Ruth McMullen
Doni Roper

Investment/Treasury/Workers Comp Issues

Greg Anderson
Kevin McGinnis
Maria Robinson

Legal Related Issues

Ginny Stubbs

Real Estate Related Issues

Dan Buchly

Student Service Related Issues

Don Albrecht