Other Bills of Interest That Passed »

HB 70 by McClendon/Wentworth - Relating to the expedited payment of the lump-sum death benefit for members of the Employees Retirement System.

HB 74 by Naishtat/Fraser - Relating to exempting school districts from certain mold assessor and remediation licensing requirements.

HB 120 by Dawson/Zaffirini - Relating to the creation of a donor education, awareness, and registry program, the establishment of an organ donor and tissue council, and anatomical gift donation.

HB 183 by Brown, Fred/Zaffirini - Relating to the use of safety belts and child passenger safety seat systems.

HB 210 by Solomons/Shapleigh - Relating to the regulation of certain telemarketing calls.

HB 251 by Eissler/Williams - Relating to the release of certain information regarding a workers' compensation claims.

HB 256 by Hopson/Estes - Relating to investments in certificate of deposit by certain governmental entities.

HB 258 by Pena/Hinojosa - Relating to authorizing a sports recreation and wellness facility fee at the University of Texas-Pan American.

HB 417 by Delisi/Eltife - Relating to a supplemental health coverage program under the Texas Employees Group Benefits Act for certain persons.

HB 479 by Keel/Barrientos - Relating to the concurrent jurisdiction of campus peace officers commissioned by the University of Texas at Austin and law enforcement agencies of the state and political subdivisions of the state.

HB 598 by Blake/Staples - Relating to a recreational sports fee at Stephen F. Austin State University.

HB 604 by Hopson/Staples - Relating to participation as an annuitant under the Texas Employees Group Benefits Act.

HB 616 by Callegari/Lindsay - Relating to a landowner's liability for injuries incurred during certain recreational activities.

HB 646 by Otto/Seliger - Relating to the provision of certain reports and records requested by the attorney general.

HB 647 by Krusee/Ogden - Relating to the issuance of county obligations for public improvements and to the review and approval of refunding bonds by the attorney general.

HB 762 by Nixon/Ellis - Relating to the solicitation by state officers and employees for contributions to charitable organizations.

HB 769 by Smith/Janek - Relating to the deadline for evaluating and ranking competitive sealed proposals for certain construction services submitted to a navigation district or port authority.

HB 773 by West, Buddy/Armbrister - Relating to certain purchases by the Railroad Commission.

HB 868 by Ritter/Williams - Relating to the establishment of a Center for Excellence in Deaf Studies and Deaf Education at Lamar University.

HB 880 by Delisi, Zaffirini - Relating to attorney general review of certain contracts for health care purposes.

HB 908 by Turner/Estes - Relating to the use of the reverse auction procedure by the Building and Procurement Commission.

HB 912 by Isett/Ellis, Rodney - Relating to the maximum cost of certain awards presented to state agency employees for professional achievement or outstanding service.

HB 925 by Chavez/Lucio - Relating to border issues and to the creation of border issue organizations.

HB 952 by Delisi/Barrientos - Relating to a pilot program to provide health services to state employees in state office complexes.

HB 957 by Pickett/Staples - Relating to the valuation of state-owned real property.

HB 976 by Madden/Wentworth - Relating to allowing the Building and Procurement Commission to deliberate in a closed meeting regarding business and financial considerations of a contract being negotiated.

HB 993 by Gonzales/Hinojosa - Relating to the installment payment of tuition and fees charged by a public junior college, public technical institute, or public state college for a summer term.

HB 1063 by Oliveira/Lucio - Relating to a fee to support the wellness, recreational, and fitness complex at the University of Texas at Brownsville.

HB 1116 by Solomons/Nelson - Relating to the governmental entities subject to the sunset review process.

HB 1130 by Cook, Byron/Ellis, Rodney - Relating to the adoption of a privacy policy by a person who requires the disclosure of an individual's social security number.

HB 1173 by Brown, Fred/Ogden - Relating to the regulation of the use of postsecondary credits and degrees, persons offering or granting certain postsecondary credits and degrees, and the manner of offering or granting those credits and degrees.

HB 1215 by Morrison/Armbrister - Relating to the degree programs offered by the University of Houston-Victoria.

HB 1253 by Kuempel/Armbrister - Relating to projects that may be undertaken by certain development corporations for career or learning centers.

HB 1285 by Swinford/Wentworth - Relating to the exception from required disclosure under the public information law of certain audit working papers.

HB 1331 by Chavez/Zaffirini - Relating to the authority of a junior college district to contract for the provision of certain services and resources under the Interagency Cooperation Act.

HB 1573 by Geren/Harris - Relating to the definition of the practice of architecture and to certificates of merit for design professionals.

HB 1737 by Flores/Zaffirini - Relating to the establishment of a dual usage educational complex by a junior college district and other political subdivisions or institutions of higher education.

HB 1791 by Naishtat/Barrientos - Relating to application of the hazing statutes to private institutions of higher education.

HB 1901 by Smith, Wayne/Williams - Relating to the maximum reservation for certain individual projects of a portion of the state ceiling for private activity bonds.

HB 2048 by Uresti/ellis, Rodney - Relating to certain online services and transactions involving state agencies and to the abolishment of the TexasOnline Authority and the transfer to the Department of Information Resources.

HB 2108 by Berman/Eltife - Relating to a student union fee at the University of Texas at Tyler.

HB 2109 by Berman/Shapiro - Relating to the Early High School Graduation Scholarship Program.

HB 2129 by Bonnen/Armbrister - Relating to energy-saving measures that reduce the emission of air contaminants.

HB 2180 by Anderson/Averitt - Relating to donees of anatomical gifts.

HB 2196 by Madden/Whitmire - Relating to the transfer of surplus data processing equipment to the Department of Criminal Justice.

HB 2257 by Gallego/Madla – Relating to the speed limits on certain highways in rural counties.

HB 2272 by Farabee/Estes - Relating to the establishment of a recreational and health facilities fee at Midwestern State University.

HB 2333 by Morrison/West, Royce - Relating to the qualifications of and training and continuing education for certain officials and personnel of career schools or colleges.

HB 2377by Swinford/Ellis, Rodney - Relating to the use of private firms by the Building and Procurement Commission in leasing space for state agencies.

HB 2379 by Swinford/Ellis, Rodney - Relating to the allocation of certain state office space.

HB 2441 by Leibowitz/Van de Putte - Relating to the recreational facilities fee at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

HB 2466 by Swinford/Ellis, Rodney - Relating to recycling market development.

HB 2470 by Delisi/Nelson - Relating to the operation of and the funding mechanisms for emergency medical services and trauma facility care in this state.

HB 2473 by Delisi/Ellis, Rodney - Relating to certain state publications maintained by the State Library and Archives Commission.

HB 2481 by Bonnen/Harris - Relating to air contaminant emissions reductions, including the continuation and provisions of the Texas emissions reduction plan and the use of money currently dedicated to the Texas emissions reduction plan fund.

HB 2511 by Denny/Harris - Relating to the filing of a personal financial statement by a former state officer whose successor has not qualified for office.

HB 2593 by Baxter/Janek - Relating to the TexasOnline project, the TexasOnline Authority, and related powers and fees.

HB 2604 by Guillen/Van de Putte - Relating to state-funded job training or employment assistance programs, services, and preferences available to veterans.

HB 2661 by Krusee/Ogden - Relating to the use of competitive sealed proposals for certain construction projects.

HB 2806 by Morrison/West, Royce - Relating to the regulation of career schools and colleges.

HB 2958 by Hamric/Lindsay - Relating to the creation of freight rail districts.

HB 3047 by Veasey/Eltife - Relating to communication district or emergency communication district participation in state travel services contracts.

HB 3113 by Corte/Seliger - Relating to performance incentive awards for certain employees of state agencies who provide services to veterans.

HB 3147 by Turner - Relating to authorizing the Building and Procurement Commission to enter into more favorable lease with option to purchase agreements with regards to certain space currently occupied under lease with options to purchase.

HJR 54 by McClendon/Staples - Relating to creating the Texas rail relocation and improvement fund.

SB 15 by Janek/Nixon - Relating to civil claims involving exposure to asbestos and silica.

SB 39 by Zaffirini/Goolsby - Relating to continuing education in forensic evidence collection for certain physicians and nurses.

SB 50 by Nelson/Taylor - Relating to contracts between health care providers and certain health benefit plan issuers.

SB 51 by Nelson/Smithee - Relating to administration of certain health benefit plans.

SB 114 by Van de Putte/McClendon - Relating to the removal of a member of a junior college district board of trustees for failure to attend board meetings.

SB 148 by Wentworth/Swinford - Relating to the exception from required public disclosure of a photograph of a peace officer.

SB 155 by Shapiro/Eiland - Relating to the quality assurance accreditation process for certain entities that offer health benefit plans and the provisional credentialing process for health benefit plans.

SB 254 by Shapiro/Hill - Relating to the removal of certain restrictions imposed on the programs, enrollment, and admission policies of the University of Texas at Dallas.

SB 276 by Staples/Berman - Relating to authorizing the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Tyler to offer courses and degree programs in allied health and related fields.

SB 433 by Wentworth/Casteel - Relating to the authorization of airport authorities and the issuance of bonds and exercise of eminent domain by the authorities.

SB 450 by Wentworth/Baxter - Relating to the confidentiality of certain personal information regarding the employees of a prosecutor's office or of an office with jurisdiction over child protective services.

SB 483 by Staples/Branch - Relating to allowing designated public school libraries to participate in group purchasing agreements with the TexaShare Library Consortium.

SB 522 by Armbrister/Eiland - Relating to the Emergency Services Retirement System.

SB 532 by Shapiro/Morrison - Relating to tuition and other charges and fees imposed by the governing board of a junior college district.

SB 554 by Duncan/Gattis - Relating to the liability of an ERISA-regulated employee benefit plan under certain state law.

SB 581 by Van de Putte/Corte - Relating to the powers and duties of the Veterans' Land Board.

SB 593 by Carona/Anchia - Relating to the governor's study of emerging technology and economic development.

SB 623 by Hinojosa/Pena - Relating to the authorized charges for providing a copy of public information requested under the public information law.

SB 651 by Harris/Geren - Relating to the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth Missing Persons DNA Database.

SB 690 by Zaffirini/Swinford - Relating to the requirement to post meetings of a governmental body under the open meetings law in certain circumstances. business day.

SB 815 by Lucio/Solis - Relating to the long-range plan for the South Texas Health Care System and the provision of tuberculosis and other health care services in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

SB 827 by Zaffirini/Guillen - Relating to systems for identifying colonias and for tracking the progress of state-funded projects that benefit colonias and the submission of a related report to the legislature.

SB 995 by Averitt/Anderson - Relating to donees of anatomical gifts.

SB 1002 by Madla/Delisi - Relating to creating a TexasOnline project concerning grant assistance provided by state agencies.

SB 1032 by Ellis, Rodney/Swinford - Relating to the elimination of certain alternatives fuels programs.

SB 1037 by Lucio/Oliveira - Relating to the tuition rates for Olympic athletes residing and training in Texas.

SB 1044 by Janek/Eiland - Relating to efforts to mitigate coastal erosion and improve public access to public beaches.

SB 1103 by Eltife/Hughes - Relating to the powers and duties of the General Land Office and the disposition of certain unsurveyed public school land.

SB 1133 by Hinojosa/Gonzales - Relating to posting notice online of the meetings of certain governmental bodies.

SB 1139 by Eltife/Frost - Relating to monitoring by the Building and Procurement Commission and the Legislative Budget Board of the transfer of surplus or salvage property by state agencies.

SB 1192 by Estes/Hilderbran - Relating to stamps for migratory and upland game bird hunting.
SB 1273 by Jackson, Mike/Geren - Relating to the establishment of the Texas Farm and Ranch Lands Conservation Program.

SB 1452 by Lucio/Oliveira - Relating to the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science at The University of Texas at Brownsville.

SB 1605 by Ogden/Luna - Relating to the creation and re-creation of funds and accounts in the state treasury, the dedication and rededication of revenue, and the exemption of unappropriated money from use for general governmental purposes.

SB 1668 by Estes/Baxter - Relating to the affiliates of public utilities and regulation of electric utilities with regard to payments to affiliates and unbundling requirements.