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HB 1317 by Driver/Armbrister - Relating to the licensing and regulation of certain electricians. The 78th Legislature, Regular Session, 2003, enacted HB 1487, creating a statewide licensing program for electricians. HB 1317 amends the Texas Electrical Safety Act to correct unintended consequences and improve the implementation process of HB 1487.

HB 1573 by Geren/Harris -Relating to the definition of the practice of architecture and to certificates of merit for design professionals. HB 1573 provides a more accurate description of today's architecture practice, including services such as code consulting, facilities programming and analysis, and teaching. HB 1573 also eliminates ambiguities in Chapter 150, Civil Practice and Remedies Code, regarding certificates of merit for design professionals.

HB 1817 by Driver/Brimer - Relating to the regulation of the practice of engineering. HB 1817 requires a Texas engineering seal only for projects to be constructed or utilized in Texas, allows the Texas Board of Professional Engineers to charge a late license renewal fee, and gives the board the ability to withhold complaint information that was filed against a license holder with the intent to harass or intimidate, but that did not demonstrate harm to the public.

HB 2179 by B. Cook/Wentworth - Relating to the practice of professional surveying. HB 2179 amends the Land Surveying Practices Act to clarify that the practice of "professional surveying" includes the acquisition of survey data and the preparation of technical reports when performed in connection with other regulated Act. HB 2179 permits the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying to regulate activities as necessary in order to protect the public.

HB 2428 by Puente/Armbrister - Relating to water and energy saving performance standards for commercial prerinse spray valves. HB 2428 bill sets water efficiency standards for commercial pre-rinse spray valves by requiring that commercial spray valves sold in Texas use no more than 1.6 gallons per minute – the same standard used by other states leading the way in water-and energy-conservation efforts.

VETOED - HB 2525 by Callegari/Lindsey - Relating to contracts by governmental entities for construction projects and related professional services and to public works performance and payment bonds. HB 2525 is an effort to consolidate four existing procurement codes (Chapter 44 and 51, Education Code; Chapter 271, Local Government Code; and Chapter 2166, Government Code. The majority of the bill is current law; issues that were of concern for higher education were addressed in negotiations with the authors.

HB 2746 by Deshotel/Janek - Relating to the examination requirements for mold assessors and remediators. The Texas Department of State Health Services employs guidelines for how mold assessors and remediators are licensed in the State of Texas. The current examination requires that mold assessors and remediators attain a minimal score of 80 percent. All other examinations administered by the department require a minimum passing score of 70 percent in order for applicants to obtain a license. HB 2746 equalizes the standards used by the department so that all examination requirements are set at 70 percent.

SB 982 by Van de Putte/Puente - Relating to certain practices to improve energy conservation in state buildings. SB 982 changes the processes and design standards involved in the approval of construction plans for certain state buildings, such as certification and project analysis. However, for institutions of higher education, the current statutes that applied to higher education will continue as is; the sections of the bill that apply to higher education are just re-codifying existing law and practices.