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The following section summarizes the changes to the Article III Special Provisions:

Sec. 30, General Academic Funding.
Provides funding rates for formulas for 2006-07:

  • Instruction and Operations Support - $55.72 / weighted SCH, including the weight of $15.44 for Veterinary Medicine;
  • Teaching Experience Supplement – 10 percent; and
  • Infrastructure Support - $6.37 per square foot.

Updates the matrix to use the relative cost-based matrix weights. These new cost-based weights use the average of three years of expenditure data and phase the new rates in 50 percent.

Sec. 31, Health Related Institutions Funding.
Provides funding rates for health institutions funding formulas for 2006-07:

  • Instruction and Operations - $10,987 per weighted student;
  • Infrastructure Support - $8.47 per square foot for all institutions excluding UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and UT Health Center at Tyler; the rate for those two institutions is $8.06 per square foot; and
  • Research Funding - $1,412,500 plus 1.73 percent of research expenditures.
  • Changed rates for Mission Specific Support activities at UT M.D. Anderson and UT Health Center at Tyler.

Adds two new subsections related to the new appropriation for Graduate Medical Education (GME) which provide the funding rate of $2,403 per resident and provide the purpose of the funds.

Sec. 40. A&M Service Agencies’ Infrastructure. Updates amounts for each agency and deletes reference to Capital Equity and Excellence Funding.

Sec. 54. Performance Reporting. Directs the LBB and Coordinating Board to work with all institutions of higher education to align the performance measures for all institutions of higher education with the measures included in the statewide accountability system as developed by the Coordinating Board.

Sec. 55. Mission Specific Support. Directs the LBB and Coordinating Board to consult with the Texas A&M University at Galveston to develop a funding allocation rate to be considered for the Marine and Maritime instruction, Ship Operation and Maintenance, and Marine Terminal Operation in accordance with the 1994 study by the Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Sec. 56. Texas A&M University System Cost Efficiencies. Intent rider stating that the A&M University System research and service agencies are to contract or out-source administrative functions within the research and service agencies, Texas A&M University and/or the Texas A&M University System in the most cost-effective extent with the goals of reducing administrative costs, increasing efficiencies and capitalizing on economies of scale.

Sec. 57. Contingent Appropriations for Small Business Development Centers. Consolidates all the Small Business Development Center contingency riders into a single rider. The rider includes the existing contingency language and the rider lists each SBCD by lead centers and affiliated centers and appropriation amounts.

Sec. 58. Display and Availability of Health Information. Intent rider that states that an institution of higher education that spends appropriated money to support a student health center will make available to female students copies of the current edition of the brochure published by the Department of State Health Services entitled "A Woman's Right to Know."

Sec. 59. Report Concerning Designated Tuition. Requires each institution of higher education to report detailed information on designated tuition. The rider requires that the information is to be derived from actual fee bills and must reflect actual charges before waivers or exemptions for statutory tuition; designated tuition; mandatory fees; and average college and course fees.

Sec. 60. Benefits Proportionality for Institutions for Higher Education. New intent rider stating that during fiscal years 2006 and 2007 the Legislative Budget Board use the Comptroller's Accounting Policy Statement 011 as a basis for determining proportional health insurance appropriations for public institutions of higher education beginning in the biennium starting September 1, 2007.

Sec. 61. Appropriations for the Research Development Fund. Lists the amounts that are appropriated in each affected institution's "Research Development Fund" strategy and limits those funds to be expended only for the purpose defined in Education Code §62.091.

Deleted Sections
  • Special Items
  • Debt Service Related to Tuition Revenue Bonds
  • Maintenance, Construction, and Policing of Campus Roads and Streets
  • Health-Related Institutions of Higher Education
  • Additional Tuition Revenue Bonds