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Legal Description: 2,825.659 acres, Tract 2, H. Hosea League,
Abstract 57, Matagorda County, Texas.


Land with trees Land with water

NOTICE:  Everyone touring the Property will be required to sign the following WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT.

Waiver and Hold Harmless Agreement

The Texas A&M University System, subject to all policies and regulations promulgated by the Board of Regents, offers for sale  2,825.659 acres, more or less, in Matagorda County, Texas.

The property is located along the east line of County Road 408 (Murphy Road) with frontage along the Colorado River on the east side of the site.  The subject property is approximately eight miles west of Bay City, Texas.  The property is improved pastureland, approximately thirty percent is wooded. It is fenced with cross fencing.

There are approximately 600 acres of farmland.  None of the farmland is currently under production. 

  • This is a surface only sale, the minerals will be retained by The Texas A&M University System.
  • Sale Price: $6,200,000.

Offers should be sent to the System Real Estate Office, ATTN: Melody Meyer, The Texas A&M University System, 301 Tarrow, 6th Floor, College Station, Texas  77840-7869.

Detailed information is available at the links below, or contact:

System Real Estate Office
The Texas A&M University System
Attn:  Melody Meyer
301 Tarrow, 6th Floor
College Station, Texas  77840-7896
(979) 458-6350
(979) 458-6359 - facsimile


Burkhart Real Estate Contract

Burkhart Legal Description 

Burkhart Plat

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Burkhart Phase II Environmental

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Burkhart Ranch

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