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If you need to guarantee catering, have limited seating, or need to know specifically who is attending, it is suggested that you include some form of reply instructions.  If you are print a reply card, include:

  • Event name
  • Date
  • Line(s) for the guest name(s)
  • Line for a daytime telephone number
  • Attendance indicator
  • Special instructions
  • Reply card envelope


Event Name

The event name should be listed at the top and closely match the one used on the invitation.


Inclusion of the date on the reply card is optional. Be consistent with formatting on invitation and reply card.

Lines for Guest Name(s)

These lines are provided for guests to fill in the names of who is attending the event.
The letter “M” may be included directly in front of the guest name line to encourage guests to write in “Mr.”, “Mrs.” or “Ms.”

Line for Telephone Number

Request a telephone number in case you must contact the guest.

Attendance Indicator

Guests indicate their acceptance/declination. Check box options are also acceptable.

Special instructions

Special reply instructions may include:

  • Reply date (e.g. Please respond by Monday, November 17)
  • Inquiry telephone number
  • A 48-hour cancellation notice
  • Food preferences/options
    • Generally, food options are not listed on the reply card since the menu is typically set and should always include a vegetarian option.
    • However, at times it may be necessary to include food options, depending upon the nature of the event, the audience, or religious dietary restrictions. Check boxes are acceptable.
Reply Card Envelope

Preprint the address directly on the envelope.