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Mailer Envelope

The mailer envelope is the outside envelope addressed to the invited guest. The return address can be listed in the upper left corner of the front of the envelope or on the back flap.

Assembling the Invitation
  • Invitations are assembled in size order:
    • Invitation
    • Enclosure cards are stacked, face up, on top of the invitation from largest to smallest, not inside invitation.
    • Reply card should be placed on top of invitation.
    • Reply card is nested face up beneath the flap of the reply envelope. The reply envelope is placed face down on the invitation so that the face of the reply card is visible.
    • When the invitation is pulled from the envelope by a right-handed person, it is face up in reading position. If the invitation can be read without turning it, it was stuffed correctly.
    • Place the RSVP card and other inserts on top of invitation so they will not be overlooked.
    • Most invitations include: the invitation itself, a reply card, and a stamped reply envelope.