Assembling your event planning and protocol team »

After identifying the type of event that will take place, identify your event planning and protocol team.

Event Planning and Protocol Team

Communications/Creative staff
Includes staff with titles such as director of marketing and communications, creative director, communications specialists, media relations specialists, photographers, videographers, audio visual staff, webmasters, etc.

Administrative staff
Includes administrative assistants, assistants to the president, assistants to the director, office associates, etc.

Budget staff
Includes business coordinators, financial and administration officers, etc.

Event planning and protocol liaisons
Includes director of external relations, events coordinator, protocol officers, etc.

 Communications/Creative staff

 Administrative staff

  • Create planning team
  • Determine audience including elected officials, system, agency and A&M System members.
  • Determine if event warrants a Risk Management consultation
  • Coordinate logistics such as:
    • Securing venue
    • Caterer
      • Menu selection: When making menu selections, be conscientious of religious beliefs and dietary restrictions.
    • Photographer
      • Create a list of photographs to be taken at the event and assign a volunteer to work with the photographer.
    • Videographer
    • Hotel accommodations
    • Floral arrangements
      • Flower arrangements are ordered for most events for the following areas: dining tables, registration tables, buffet tables, and in front of the podium.  It is highly recommended that lilies and strong fragranced flowers not be used.
    • Security
    • Housekeeping
    • Groundkeepers
    • Parking and transportation
    • Site preparation
      • Prepare signage for the event in various locations to assist guests with directional information.
  • Determine table seating arrangement
  • Refer to the A&M System Forms of Address for name tags, place cards, etc.
  • Provide updates and feedback to the event planning and protocol team
  • Schedule pre-event walk throughs with event planning protocol team and vendors
  • Prepare event box (examples of what to include)
    • Preprinted nametags, in alphabetical order (to save time in set-up) and blank nametags, pens and highlighters
    • Multiple copies of table seating chart and room layout diagram
    • Place cards and blank place cards
    • Duct/packing/regular tape, scissors and paper clips
    • Extension cords, bungee cords
    • WD-40 and hammer
    • Tent cards (registration table, table signage and blank extras)
    • Guest gifts
    • Flower displays
    • Program books
    • Program signage and easels
    • Extra blank invitations (in case guests ask for samples)

 Budget staff

  • Determine scale of the event to develop budget
  • Obtain appropriate approvals for budget
  • Monitor expenditures
  • Reconcile expenses

 Event planning and protocol liaisons

  • Communicate with internal leadership hosting the event
  • Coordinate with communicators, creative services, administrative and budget staff
  • Advise on ceremonial gestures – (culminating activities in which the stage party members participate such as cutting the ribbon, balloon drop, turning the soil, etc.)
  • Provide protocol for printed materials
  • Develop minute-by-minute timeline
  • Create planning team contact card