Event Planning and Protocol Guide: Preparation with Purpose »


Customs and regulations dealing with diplomatic formality, precedence and etiquette are important.  Simply known as protocol, this process of decorum can impact funding, alliances, relationships, and prestige for The Texas A&M University System.    

This event planning and protocol guide has been developed to assist event planners in conceptualizing, coordinating and executing successful events that are consistent with the strategic goals of the A&M System universities, agencies and health science center.  Well-executed events can positively impact the overall reputation of our system members.

Throughout the A&M System, each system event should be a memorable occasion for both internal and external guests, and guests should leave the event with a positive image and a desire to come back again.  While the guide is not intended to be an exhaustive source, it will provide overall processes, procedural guidelines, best practices and resources on special events and protocol to set the standard of quality and excellence for events around the A&M System. 

The Event Planning and Protocol Guide was created and implemented by the Texas A&M System Protocol Task Force.