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The Property & Construction Section provides centralized and comprehensive services in the areas of real estate; oil & gas; foundations, gifts and donations; facilities planning and construction, and treasury services.

Real Estate and Oil & Gas

The Section handles all real property acquisitions, sales, leases, easements, mineral leases, and other real estate matters for the A&M System. The services include negotiation, preparation and review of documents. The Property & Construction Section processes required approvals of real estate transactions through A&M System officials, the Board of Regents, and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Foundations, Gifts and Bequests

Attorneys in this Section provide advice regarding the relationship between the System or a System member and affiliated support organizations. The Section represents the System in connection with contemplated and completed gifts and bequests.

Facilities Planning and Construction

The Section provides legal advice and counsel to the A&M System’s Facilities Planning and Construction office, to include preparation and review of professional service contracts and construction contracts.

Treasury Services

The Property & Construction Section reviews banking and investment documents for the Office of the Treasurer.

Attorneys and Staff Members

Timothy V. Coffey, Managing Counsel
Ronald Dold, Assistant General Counsel
Gina M. Joseph, Assistant General Counsel
Katherine R. Knight, Assistant General Counsel
Eddie Zimmerman, Senior Real Estate Analyst
Melody Meyer, Senior Real Estate Analyst
Janie Tountas, Administrative Assistant
Tina Thomsen, Legal Assistant
Cyndi Schoen, Legal Secretary