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The Litigation and Dispute Resolution practice area provides legal counsel in general and tort litigation matters. General litigation matters include employment, student, construction, and contract claims and disputes. Tort litigation includes motor vehicle and premises liability and medical negligence claims. This practice area represents the System in pre- and post-litigation investigations and pre-litigation negotiations and dispute resolution.

Once a pleading or compliant has been filed in state or federal court, the System is represented by the office of the Attorney General of Texas. The Litigation and Dispute Resolution practice attorneys are responsible for interfacing with assigned assistant attorney generals on system cases.

Administrative Proceedings

Attorneys of the Litigation and Dispute Resolution practice area represent the System and its members in both external and internal administrative proceedings. Examples of external proceedings are Department of Education mediations of discrimination claims, on-site investigations by federal agencies, vendor dispute (Chapter 2260) hearings, and unemployment or workers' compensation hearings. Internal proceedings include faculty nonrenewal and termination appeals, faculty and nonfaculty complaint hearings, student disciplinary hearings, nonfaculty disciplinary appeals, and research misconduct investigations, among others.

Employment Law

General employment matters also fall within this practice area. This work includes coordinating with System and member human resource and employee relations staff, investigating claims made to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, ensuring compliance with System employment policies and procedures as well as federal regulations like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA).

Attorneys and Staff Members

Jorge Canales, Managing Counsel
Brian Bricker, Assistant General Counsel
David Halpern, Assistant General Counsel
Elinore Tecson
, Assistant General Counsel 
Barbara Winckler, Legal Assistant
Melissa Parker, Legal Assistant
Dana Sweet, Legal Secretary
Sheila Hughes, Legal Secretary