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The Governance practice area provides legal counsel to the System and its members in matters related to the Public Information Act and Open Meetings Act, System policies and regulations, conflicts of interest and ethics, legislation, state and federal relations, and records management.

Public Information Act and Open Meetings Act

This practice area provides legal advice regarding general Public Information Act issues as well as specific PIA requests. When necessary, this practice area prepares and submits decision requests to the Texas Office of the Attorney General. Open Meetings Act matters also fall within this practice area (note that within the System the OMA applies only to the Board of Regents).

System Policies and Regulations

This practice area advises the System on new and revised policies and regulations and reviews each System member's new and revised rules.

Conflicts of Interest and Ethics

This practice area maintains System conflicts of interest and ethics policies and provides legal advice and training on these topics.

Legislation, State and Federal Relations

State and federal legislative matters fall within this practice area.

Records Management

This practice area provides advice on records management matters and coordinates the System's records management program.

Attorneys and Staff Members

Brooks Moore, Managing Counsel
Warren DeLuca, Assistant General Counsel
Katherine Knight, Assistant General Counsel
Claudene Marshall, Assistant General Counsel
Knesha Brashear, Legal Assistant
Adrienne Ramirez, Legal Secretary
Cyndi Schoen, Legal Secretary