Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9) »

What is a Form I-9?

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 requires employers to verify the identity and employment authorization of all employees (both U.S. and foreign citizens) hired after November 6, 1986, by completing the Employment Eligibility Verification Form (Form I-9) and refrain from discriminating against individuals on the basis of national origin or citizenship.

What resources are available?

Each System member’s Payroll or Human Resources office provides guidance on employment eligibility issues and concerns.  The System Office of General Counsel provides additional guidance to System members in determining compliance issues.

Why are System members required to comply?

Failure to comply with I-9 requirements may subject the employer to civil and criminal penalties.

Who to contact?

If you have questions regarding employment eligibility, please contact your Payroll or Human Resources office.