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The Institutional Compliance practice area provides legal advice and guidance on a myriad of compliance issues that present challenges to the members of The Texas A&M University System.  Those issues most often arise in the following areas of the law:  Research Compliance and Scientific Misconduct; Health Law; Immigration; Export Control; NCAA Compliance; Environmental Health and Safety; and the many requirements that the Department of Education imposes upon institutions of higher education. 

A compliance program is measured by the following Federal Sentencing Guidlines:

  1. Oversight and interest by high level institutional personnel;
  2. Appropriate written policies and procedures;
  3. Adequate training and education of those who are responsible;
  4. Effective lines of communication to report compliance issues;
  5. Enforcement of standards through established guidelines;
  6. Internal monitoring of compliance programs;
  7. Appropriate response and corrective action plans; and
  8. Conducting periodic risk assessments.

It is our responsibility to help our clients achieve effective compliance programs in accordance with these guidelines.

Attorneys and Staff

W. Jan Faber, Managing Counsel, Institutional Compliance
Melia Jones, Assistant General Counsel
Knesha Brashear, Legal Assistant
Cyndi Schoen, Legal Secretary