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Intellectual Property

The Business Law & Intellectual Property practice area advises and assists the System and its members on a variety of matters involving patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and other forms of intellectual property. These include licensing issues, business ventures for the commercialization of System intellectual property and other technology transfer activities, intellectual property protection and enforcement, and intellectual property litigation.

Commercial Transactions/Contracts/Purchasing

The attorneys in the Business Law & Intellectual Property practice group stand ready to assist the System and its members with questions regarding commercial transactions and agreements; and with drafting and reviewing contracts. The Office of General Counsel provides the review required by System Policy and works to ensure that all contracts contain the terms required by state law. In addition, this group assists members with issues regarding state purchasing guidelines and requirements, affiliation agreements, and sponsored research agreements.

Bankruptcy and Business Litigation

The Business Law & Intellectual Property practice group assists with monitoring bankruptcy filings by both individuals and businesses that impact System institutions and agencies. This includes monitoring the bankruptcy of System or member debtors and notifying System members when collection may be attempted in compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Attorneys and Staff Members

Steve Garrett, Managing Counsel 
Andrea Pereira, Assistant General Counsel
Katherine Knight, Assistant General Counsel
Mark E. Kelley, Assistant General Counsel
Melia Jones, Assistant General Counsel
Warren DeLuca, Assistant General Counsel
Melissa Parker, Legal Assistant
Adrienne Ramirez, Legal Secretary
Cyndi Schoen, Legal Secretary

Contract Drafting, Review and Approval Process

The attorneys in the Office of General Counsel's Business Law and Intellectual Property section are responsible for reviewing all contracts as required by System Policy 25.07 and System Regulation 25.07.01.  Each attorney reviews contracts according to particular subject-matter areas.  In order to streamline this process, please send any contracts requiring legal review to Cyndi Schoen for attorney assignment.

Contract Drafting, Review and Approval Process