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Our Mission

Facilities Planning & Construction is dedicated to the ongoing program to improve and expand all physical facilities in support of the teaching, research and service missions of each university, agency, and service unit of The Texas A&M University System.

Facilities Planning & Construction seeks to accomplish this by providing timely and efficient professional services in a fiscally sound manner throughout all phases of project development.

The department further strives to insure that each design for a new or renovated facility provides a safe and accessible environment for the public; complies with state and federal codes and regulations; is visually attractive; adheres to the adopted architectural design policies; incorporates durable institutional quality materials and construction techniques; is functionally enduring, energy conserving and economical to construct and maintain.

It is the overall objective of Facilities Planning & Construction to accomplish these services within the earliest and most practical time frame to satisfy the facility needs of the ever changing and increasingly diverse mission of The Texas A&M University System.