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September - November 2008

  •  Indirect Cost Job RR200 now has a No Post option.

April 2007

  •  SBAR143, Report Tracking Due/Overdue Report as of &SYSDATE -- reject status T and X was added to the report.

February 2006

    SBMR460 - "Proposals Submitted with Date Range" is available through our web site. Be sure to order a copy to see if it will be useful to you.

January 2006

  •  FAMIS allows you to add, view and maintain reporting requirements for an SPR project using Screen 115.

    Report requirements are entered in segments. A segment is a combination of a category/report type/frequency and can be seen as one line on Screen 115. A segment can be entered one of two ways: (1) by positioning the cursor on the desired line, pressing the PF10 key (CrTrk) and entering the data directly onto this screen, or (2) by running the SBAU115 batch program. This program will create new segments based on the fields: First Due Date and Last Due Date. The batch program includes a two month window, so you will see segments up to two months before their appropriate dates. Screen 127 is available for further report detail.

    The report, SBAR143, lists segments that are overdue and coming due segments, but only those that are active and not completed, skipped or deleted. Contact FAMISPROD to set up this report.