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October 6, 2011

  • OSRS
    We sent out requests to many Security Administrators asking for approval to transition OSRS employees to Part 01 FAMIS IDs. Please submit your responses as quickly as possible so that we can move forward with this transition.

September 1, 2011

  • OSRS
    FAMIS has received an extensive list of programming requirements for the OSRS. These requests are currently under review.

    Action #7716 - FAMIS has programmatically updated the OSRS Flag on accounts and projects based on user requests. Please review your OSRS accounts and projects to be sure they are flagged as expected.

August 2011

  • OSRS
    FAMIS has received an extensive list of programming requirements for the OSRS.  These requests are currently under review.

    Action #7688 - OSRS flag has been added to Security Models.  Only FAMIS Services staff will have the ability to modify models with the following naming convention:  xxRSxxxx (any models with "RS" in the 3rd and 4th digit).  This will ensure consistency of the models across all parts and allow for centralized control.

July 2011

  • Screen 11 and Screen 111 have been modified to include a flag for OSRS. Current allowed values are "Y", "N" and "Blank".
  • OSRS
    Several FAMIS team members have been involved in working groups to provide input for the reorganization of Sponsored Research, OSRS.  We are currently working on programming to facilitate controls in security for account access based on an OSRS flag on the security record for a user, and the OSRS account flag that is already in production.  We are also working on programming to centralize and control security models for OSRS.  These models will be named "RS" in the 3rd and 4th digit of the model:  xxRSxxxx.  Only FAMIS staff members will be able to modify these security models.

    Modifications have been requested to additional SPR and FFX screens in FAMIS.  These will be announced as they are completed.

    We are working on changes to display the OSRS flags on the appropriate CANOPY screens.

September 2010

  • SBAR303 has been modified to include the Title Code Description in the download files to provide more accurate ARRA reporting.
  • SBMR445 and SBMR450 have been modified to print amounts greater than 1 billion dollars.

June 2010

  • Screen 114 Changes and Display Options
    The Researcher and Award Distribution information is now available on one screen. However, a new "PF6 PanON" key has been added to change the way the information is displayed. After pressing the PF6 key to turn the panel option on, press PF11 to scroll right and view the information displayed on two additional panels. Press PF6 again to turn the panel feature off (NOPan).

    "Center CC" and "Admn For CC" fields were also added to Screen 114 to provide more Maestro related information for the "Center" Department/SubDepartment and "Administered For" Department/SubDepartment fields.

    The Help feature (using "?" or PF2 key) is also available on the Department fields, and provides department information for other campuses.

October 2009 - January 2010

  • Time and Effort System
    Time and effort reporting is a process mandated by the federal government to verify that direct labor charges (salaries and wages) to federally sponsored projects are reasonable and reflect actual work performed. As a recipient of federal funds, the Texas A&M University System is subject to financial accounting and reporting obligations designed to ensure that the charges to its federally sponsored projects are allowable and properly allocable to those projects. (Time and Effort Overview/Videos/Instructions)

August 2009

  • Effective 8/4/09, new Sponsor requirements will be added to the FAMIS SPR module as a result of collaboration between FAMIS and Maestro, the new Integrated Research Administration System that is currently being developed. The changes being made are in preparation for the first phase of the Maestro implementation and we expect additional changes to be made in FAMIS as more Maestro phases are implemented.

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