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It is important for your requests to be sent to the proper email address. Since we have been busy with the implementation of new systems, required maintenance of existing programs and participation in the transition efforts for the new Office of Sponsored Research Services on a timely basis, sending email directly to analysts or other staff members could cause a delay in our response time.

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November 16, 2012

The following action items have been completed:


  • #8007 - Concur
    Request: Produce a payment confirmation feed file to send to Concur.  Vouchers to employees and/or External Vendors as well as Journal Entries to Citibank should be sent back to Concur to reflect "Payments" related to Expense Reports.
    Action: Created new programs to send payment information back to Concur.  Ran all prior months of activity to "catch up" with Expense Reports already processed and posted in FAMIS.  Created programs:  FCAR195, FCAR196 and FCDLC601.
  • #8084 - Concur
    Request: Summarize voucher and journal entry postings.  This will prevent expense reports with 150 items from creating multiple vouchers.
    Action:Added the ability to post Concur vouchers in either summary or detail for expense reports.  Modified program:  FCAR250
    ***NOTE:  A separate announcement will be sent out to the Concur participating System Parts to explain how you request switching from the detail to a summarized post.


  • #8179 - FFX/AggieBuy
    Request: Due to processing documents through AggieBuy, we need the ability for the "total cost" field on Screen 362 in FRS to be "modifiable".  We need this field to be available to departments for entry even when the asset is in a pending status.  Please have it check to make sure that all dollars are still at the fund sequence 00001 level on FFX Screen 503, and if any other sequence exists they are at zero value.  If this is true, then dollars can be changed on the FRS Screen 362 side and feed the information to FFX.  If not, then produce an error message on the FRS screen that states the total code cannot be changed on the FRS screen but to notify Property Management for cost changes.
    Action: Screen programs were modified as requested.  Modified programs:  PNMP36, PNNPPFDU and PNSF362.


  • #7870 - OSRS Report Options
    Request: Add the OSRS flag as a filter on FBAR328. The report needs to be able to run for all accounts - OSRS only or Non-OSRS accounts.
    Action: Added OSRS option to the report.  Modified program: FBAR328.

Other Action Items

  • #7577 - SPR Screen 13
    Request: Need to make changes in the Proposal System that were needed in the Project side.
    Action: Modify Proposal Screen 13 to match the logic used on the Project screens.  Modified programs: SBAR300, SBDLSOH, SBSPSOH, SNMP013, SNMP013A, SNMP013B, SNMP013C, SNSF013, SNSF114 and SNSPCRAW.
  • #7829 - FFX
    Request: Requesting an option to be able to request a specific building campus code or selected codes when running the TBAR831 and TBAR833.
    Action: Modified the programs to allow a specific campus or combination of campuses to be run at one time.  Modified programs: TBAR831 and TBAR833.
  • #7915 - Maestro
    Request: Add the Maestro sponsor ID to the S21 layout in order to load proposal information from Maestro into FAMIS.  Also add the OSRS flag to the S0A Transaction.
    Action: Modified programs and data layouts to allow addition of the Maestro Sponsor ID in the feed to FAMIS.  Modified programs: FZPBTCH, SBDLS01, SBDLS21, SBSPS0A, SBSPS03, SBSPS0H, SBSPS0K, SBSPS21, SNMP011 and SNMP013C.
  • #8075 - AFR
    Request: Add the NCAUBO function field on the support account fields on Screen 50, Screen 51 and Screen 52.  Valid values are on the Screen 6 Function field.  This is necessary for GAAP compliance.
    Action: This was accomplished by creation of a report to identify expenses that need to be reclassified to research.  Modified programs: FBAR535, FBAR536, FBAR537 and FBDL53X.
  • #8175 - Payroll
    Request: Contribution rates have changed; program needs to be adjusted to allow for the new rates.
    Action: Modified the rates used in the calculation of TRS and the TRS Surcharge.  Modified programs:  FBCPBNFT, FBPR001, FBPR080, FBPR081, FBPR083, FBPR084, FBPR200, FBPR205 and FBPR210.
  • #8177 - Payroll
    Request: The TRS-CARE information has been included as part of the TRS-SURC through Fiscal Year 2012.  Beginning in Fiscal Year 2013, TRS-CARE will be processed separately from TRS-SURC.
    Action: Modified programs to allow separate processing of these two deductions.  Modified programs:  FBCPBNFT, FBPR001, FBPR200 and FBPR210.

October 5, 2012

The following action items have been completed:


  • #8127 - EPA/OSRS
    Request: Setup EPAs for Part 26 - OSRS.
    Action: Modifications needed to be made to setup EPAs for OSRS.  Modified programs: ENNPEPAH, ENSPADVL, ENSPHDVL, ENSPHDV2, ENSPHDV3, ENSPLNVL, PQSPSSO, ZNCPSHCC, ZNSPSHCC and ZNSPSHC2.
  • #8116 - Canopy/FFX
    Request: Modify Canopy to allow changes to additional fields when a preliminary asset is still in pending status to mirror the changes that were made to the 3270 screens.
    Action: Canopy was modified to allow these field updates.  Modified program: PNNPPFD.


  • #8131 - Concur/Citi
    Request: Modify FCAU150 to use Screen 827 for the default object code check for the Citibank Corporate ID account to determine the correct owner campus for Citibank card transactions.
    Action: Programs were modified to accomplish this task.  Modified programs: FCAR156, FCAU150, FCAU152 and FCAU153.
  • #8088 - Concur/OSRS
    Request: OSRS and grant accounts will have their Concur fees paid by a centralized Research Service account at TAMU.  A utility program is needed to update the eTravel Fee account on the attribute screens for these accounts.
    Action: A utility program was created to update the eTravel Fee account for these specific accounts. Created program: XXETRVFE and modified program: FCAU159.

A variety of program modifications were made to improve the selection of approvers and the load processes for FAMIS files to Concur.


  • #8138 - Discounts in SciQuest
    Request: SciQuest fed invoices can pass discount "amounts", FAMIS stores discounts as a percentage.  Recent calculations for some discounts were off by .01.  Modify to correct percentage calculation.
    Action: Programs were modified to increase decimal places to improve percentage calculations.  Modified programs:  PNNPSQXR, PQNPINVE.


  • #7193 - Add OSRS only option to FBAR351
    Request: Add an OSRS flag as a filter to the FBAR351 report to allow the program to be run for all accounts, OSRS only or non-OSRS accounts only.
    Action: The program was modified to allow multiple options related to the OSRS flag.  Modified program:  FBAR351.
  • #8118 - Part 05 OSRS Implementation
    Request: Part 05 is moving to OSRS; however, they need to be able to flag accounts as OSRS but not have the OSRS prevent users from entering data.
    Action: Changed the security program to not check for the OSRS flag if the Campus is not on the OSRS Campus Table.  Removed check for the table from Screen 4 in Security.  Modified programs: FNSPSECR, ZBAU303, ZBAU308, ZNSF004.

Other Action Items:

  • #8045 - Time & Effort Field
    Request: Add a display field to Screen 860 that represents the department of the college dean.
    Action: A field titled "College Dept" was added next to the "School/College" field to indicate the department that represents the college dean.  Modified programs: ZNMP860, ZNSP860.
  • #8092 - SPR
    Request: User requested a master SPR screen table for all campus codes with the base name of "Fed-MTDC".  Edits should only be made by SOBA, but the table should be used by all System parts.  Accounting to signed DHHS rate agreement, we must consistently apply the same exclusions that we agree to in our rate agreement.
    Action: Modified programs to provide a standard MTDC base for Indirect Cost.  Modified programs: FNMP009, FNP051, FNSF051, SBMR200, SBMR252, SBMR280, SBMR281, SNCPBASE, SNCPINDR.
  • #8105 - Year End
    Request: Change the PBYR218 program to allow an override of the last month closed when posting.
    Action: PBYR218 was modified to allow the override of the last month closed so that transactions could post in August. We also enhanced the program to create the transaction file as it would be created when a POST Option is run, but on the No Post.  This additional file creation is helpful for researching questions related to the YR217 job.  Modified program: PBYR218
  • #8110 - FFX
    Request: Need the ability in FFX to override the SPA requirement that an asset cannot be transferred out and then back in on the same day.
    Action: Programs were modified to allow the transfer out and in of an asset on the same day.  This will speed up the processing of transferring CIP.  Modified program: TNSF511.
  • #8120 - AFR
    Request: Add the ability to use a different font on the AFR.
    Action: Programs were modified to allow the Times Roman font on the AFR.  Modified programs, HNSF171 and HNSF172.
  • #8149 - AFR
    Request: The default year in the AFR module is not correct at year end.
    Action: Modified program to use the year from AFR Screen 203 rather than from the FRS Control Record.  Modified program: HSNR001.
  • #8159 - FFX
    Request: Do not allow the total cost of a preliminary asset to be changed if it is pending or approved.
    Action: Modified the program to disallow changes to total cost of pending or approved preliminary fixed assets.  Modified program: PNMP362.
  • #8164 - Payroll
    Request: TOB (tobacco) benefit has been added to the payroll process and requires implementation in FAMIS.
    Action: Added benefit type TOB to Screen 837 and related insurance billing payroll programs.  Modified programs: FBDLPHIS, FBPR091, FNSF837.

Additionally a variety of minor modifications were made relating to the font changes for AFR.  Switching to the Times New Roman font created a few inconsistencies in data alignment.

August 14, 2012


FAMIS programmers completed the second portion of the payment confirmations to the Concur feed process. On August 13, 2012 we sent April records to Concur.  Today we confirmed the import, and have sent May, June and July files.  These new confirmations will document JE batches moved from the departmental SL to the CITI Travel Card GL.

CITI Payments, a second type of payment confirmation records, will now be sent to Concur daily.  These new confirmations will document JE batches recording dollars moved from the departmental SL to the CITI Travel Card GL.  NOTE:  If an expense report has both CITI Card and reimbursements, the CITI payments will generally be imported day(s) before the voucher/ACH payments can be recorded.  This is due to the posting timelines of a JE (same day) vs. voucher (multi-day posting cycle and ACH processing).

Please note, these are Journal Entries between the traveler's departmental SL and the CITI Travel GL, not the actual payments to Citibank itself.  Similar to the voucher confirmations, we use the Concur column "Check/EFT" to pass along FAMIS specifics:  Campus, Batch Ref, Batch Date.

  • #7945 - Year-End Roll
    Request: Create a report to roll forward the travel profile, Screen 827, to the new Fiscal Year.
    Action: FBYU800 and FCYU827 were modified as required.
    Action: Screen 827 was manually rolled forward for FY 2013. Future years will roll with the FBYU800.


  • #7932 - Uncomplete Receiving
    Request:  Uncomplete receiving when a SciQuest purchase order is uncompleted.
    Action: PQSPDOCS was modified to uncomplete receiving shipments when a purchase order is uncompleted.


  • #7918 - OSRS/Concur Routing
    Request: File used to create OSRS Account Routing does not include any Support Accounts and this is creating a problem since some of the responsible persons are found at the Support Account level.
    Action: FCAR110 was modified as required.
  • #8048 - EPA
    Request: Do not allow EPAs to override budget on OSRS accounts.
    Action: ENSPAADJ, ENSPEENC, ENSPEPA, FBPU515, FBPU525, FNDPEPA, FNSPEGN and FNSR753 were modified to complete this request.

Additional Action Items Completed

  • #7908 - New Department Report
    Request: Create a report of new departments in FAMIS since AggieBuy and Concur do not have an integration for some of their department fields.  These updates are done manually.
    Action: FBAR784 was created to report new department information for AggieBuy and Concur.
  • #8097 - AFR
    Request: Change the default for the row highlight field on the AFR Module report printing - Screens 171 and 172 from blank to 'Y'.
    Action: HNSF171 and HNSF172 were modified to complete this request.

August 7, 2012


  • Scheduled for August 9, 2012 at 2:00pm

New Step (#11B) Added to Year-End Checklist

  • Request VONUM, using the FAMIS Year-End Request Form, to request your new year voucher number sequence setup.  You will be prompted to fill in the first sequence in separate fields, then provide the remaining sequences in the "Comments" field.

    We often have to enter these prefixes at the last minute, and since they are critical to nightly processing we hope to simplify the process of submitting your request.

    Kudos to Melissa Ray in FAMIS Help for creating this request process!


  • #7905 - FCAR156 and FCAR157 Reports
    Request: New reports are needed to provide detail of transactions with missing clearing accounts.
    Action: FCAR156 and FCAR157 were created to report the eTravel credit card transactions with missing clearing accounts by campus and for cross-campus transactions.
  • #8007 - Concur Payment Confirmation Feed
    Request: Process needed to post final payments and journal entries back to Concur from FAMIS.
    Action:  FCAR195 and FCAR196 were created to post the vouchers to employees (or external VIDs) and journal entries back to the Concur system so that expense reports could be marked as paid in Concur.
  • #8025 - Automate Due To/Due From Equity Transfers for Concur
    Request: Need an automated method to create monthly Concur credit card Due To/Due From equity transfers in FAMIS.
    Action: Modifications to FCAR100, FCAR101, FCAR104, FCAR110, FCAR115, FCAR116, FCAR117, FCAR160, FCAR161 and FCAR200 were made to accomplish the necessary entries.
  • #8068 - Concur Encumbrance Modification
    Request: Modify FCAU141 to skip records that have a travel commitment but do not have any encumbrances.
    Action:  FCAU141 was modified as required.
  • #7981 - Modified FCAR116
    Request: Need a better visual separation of the account description from the account that was added for identification purposes to emails sent by Concur.
    Action: FCAR116 was modified to complete this request.
  • #8037 - Concur Authorization Chain
    Request: Modify the approval chain feed to provide the "best" 1 Up for bookkeeper approval.
    Action: FCARAUTH and FCAR200 were modified to improve the approval chain feed.
  • #8067 - Concur Encumbrance Adjustments
    Request: FCAU142 needs to create encumbrance transactions for each account.  When records are found, reset the process flag for improved transaction posting.
    Action: FCAU142 was modified as required.
  • #8073 - Concur Posting Improvements
    Request: Modify FCAU152 and FCAU153 to improve processing for external VIDs, Prepaid Revolving, and to correct the object code used for deposits in some cases.
    Action: FCAU152 and FCAU153 were modified as required.
  • #8087 - Concur Encumbrance Modifications
    Request: Change the batch header created in FCAR148 to show the correct batch total.  Also, add an edit so that only corresponding entries are posted to the proper campus for the cross part encumbrance transactions.
    Action: FCAR148 was modified as required.


  • #8071 - OSRS Security
    Request: Only allow FAMIS Security personnel to mark the OSRS flag with an 'X'.
    Action: ZNSF004 was modified as required.

Additional Action Items Completed

  • #7724 - FBPR071 Report Modification
    Request: The FBPR071 report contained truncated values due to the column width limitation of the program.
    Action: FBPR071 was modified to increase the column which was truncating - FICA*1920.
  • #8054 - FFX
    Request: Update the TBAU059 feeds to allow update to the "Last Modified" date field on FFX Screen 531.  This would also change the "Inventory Date" field on FAMIS Screen 535.
    Action: TBAU059 was modified to complete this request.
  • #8059 - AFR
    Request: Add the ability to show Cash by Fund Group on the Three-A Schedule.
    Action: HBSPCOL, HBSPFUND, HBSPTYPE, HNSF174, HNSF175, ZNHFGSLD and ZNHFLEDG were modified to add the cash option.
  • #8077 - Preliminary FFX
    Request: Modify Screen 362 to allow changes to be made when the Preliminary Asset is in Pending status.
    Action: PNMP362 and PNSF362 were modified to allow departments additional time to add information to new assets that have already fed as pending assets, but not yet approved.
  • #8091 - AFR
    Request: Remove the PF7 NACUB function key from Screen 172 in the AFR module.  We are no longer supporting the NACUBO reporting model and would like to remove it.
    Action: HNMP172, HNMP203, HNSF172, HNSF203 and ZNHFRPTC were modified to complete the requested programming.

July 13, 2012

Data Warehouse

  • #7992 - Endowment Distributions
    Request: Add endowment distributions to Data Warehouse.
    Action: DBAR243 was modified to complete this request.
  • #8047 - Fixed Assets Extract
    Request: Add option to run the Fixed Assets Extract weekly in "full" mode.
    Action: DBAR243 was modified to complete this request.


  • #8019 - Year-End Rollover Process
    Request: Add the new OSRS fields to the year-end rollover process.
    Action: FBAR503, FBDL01S, FBDL01V, FBSP001A, FBYU001, FNSF051, FNSF052, FSSP01S, FSSP01V and FSVL01S were modified to accomplish the inclusion of OSRS fields in the year-end rollover process.
  • #8046 - Routing
    Request: Update Screen 919 due to a change in Chart of Accounts.  Departments with OSRS accounts are no longer stored with base approver level in the database.  Add account look-up for first non-OSRS account.
    Action: Screen 919 account look-up was improved to accommodate the changes related to OSRS accounts.

Additional Action Items Completed:

  • #7044 - Research Foundation Routing Path
    Request: Part 23 documents with Dept 9000 must automatically add Research Foundation to the routing path.
    Action: ZNSPHST2 was modified to accomplish this routing.
  • #7792 - SciQuest
    Request: The batch close process for SciQuest vouchers was producing an error when the voucher is already in closed status but not yet posted to the Accounts Payable system.
    Action: FNSPVCLO and VQDU551 were modified to eliminate this error in the process.
  • #7815 - Aiim Integration
    Request: HSC requested a feed of Purchasing and Payment information from FAMIS to the HSC Work Order System - Aiim.
    Action: FAMIS has completed work on VBAR407 and VBAR409 to accomplish this feed.  We are currently waiting for the customer to prepare the server for this process.
  • #7855 - Workers' Compensation Voucher File
    Request:  As a result of a recent Workers' Compensation audit, a file is needed of Workers' Compensation vouchers to be submitted to the Texas Department of Insurance within 30 days.
    Action: FAMIS completed programming a new file which is created by VBAR408.  We are still waiting to coordinate the implementation of this file with the requestor.
  • #8002 - Vendor Freeze
    Request: Screen 143 should not allow a vendor to be frozen if the vendor ID is used on Screens 822, 827 or 853 tables in FAMIS.
    Action: FNSF143 was modified to check for these table values prior to allowing a freeze flag to be set on the vendor.
  • #8017 - FBDU010 Reject Report
    Request: A report request was received from members of the Concur committee to produce a report showing detail from the rejects out of the Concur posting process.
    Action: FBAR901 was created to read and report rejects from the FBDU010 posting process.  The report currently only works for rejected 02X, 06X, 05X, 03X and 098 transactions.

    The following fields are reported:
    • Transaction Code
    • Purchase Order/Ref1/Ref2/Ref3
    • Debit/Credit Indicator
    • Bank
    • Debit Account/Credit Account
    • Cost Ref 1/ Cost Ref2/Cost Ref 3
    • Credit Cost Ref 1/Credit Cost Ref 2/Credit Cost Ref 3
    • Description
    • Date
    • Amount
    • Vendor
    • Enc Origin
    • CTF
  • #8018 - E-Mail Edits
    Request: Need edits to disallow anything but a valid e-mail address in the e-mail field on Screen 850.
    Action: FNPT001, GNPT001, HNPT001, SNPT001, TNPT001, ZNCPUFP and ZNSP850 were modified to edit the field for proper e-mail address data.
  • #8055 - QATAR Object Codes
    Request:  QATAR has a special coding need for four new object codes (3212-3215).
    Action: We created a new table maintained by FAMIS Services:  Screen 853 - CONCUR-QATAR.  FCAU150 was modified to handle these codes for Concur.
  • #8059 - Cash/Banks
    Request: Add cash/banks option to the popup window on AFR Screen 174 and as a valid value on AFR Screen 175.
    Action: HBSPCOL, HBSPFUND, HBSPTYPE, HNSF174, HNSF175, ZNHFGSLD, ZNHGLEDG were modified to allow for these values/fields.

FAMIS Services is currently working on the transition of OSRS to Part 26 as well as the ongoing efforts related to OSRS implementation across all System Parts.  We are also working with the eBuilder Implementation team on integrations between FAMIS and that product.

June 12, 2012

A "HELP" button is now available on the TMASS online request form. Click on the "HELP" button to view instructions for using this form.

Concur Update

Many users have reported problems in Concur with Authorization Requests for 9 month appointees. We are working to resolve this access issue and will provide more information as soon as it is available. For now, some campuses are using the "Guest Traveler" function in Concur to book trips for these employees.



  • #7780 - ID Conversion
    Request: OSRS security changes are needed to convert OSRS employees to Part 01 ID format.
    Action: Multiple programs in FAMIS security were modified. The first phase was completed in November 2011. To complete the request, we followed up with OSRS Person File flag settings and other tasks.
  • #8035 - RSFN Routing on EPA Documents
    Request: Add RSFN routing department to EPA documents when OSRS accounts are used for funding.
    Action: Modified the program to add this routing.


  • #7984 - Employee Job Title
    Request: Create new program to retrieve the Employee Job Title using the PIN or UIN with PIN to create Concur routing structures.
    Action: FCAR100, FCAR200, FCAR201 and FCAU183 were modified to retrieve the Job Title from the BPP Active Budget.
  • #8025 - Due to/Due From Processing
    Request: Need an automated method to create the monthly Concur credit card Due to/Due From equity transfer transactions in FAMIS.
    Action: FCAR100, FCAR101, FCAR104, FCAR110, FCAR115, FCAR116, FCAR117, FCAR160, FCAR161, and FCAR200 were modified to accomplish this task.
  • #8029 - Expense Routing Hierarchy
    Request: Modify FCAR101 to filter OSRS departments for Expense Routing hierarchy.
    Action: Reconstructed FCAR101 to use a subroutine for processing the routing path hierarchy for OSRS departments.  A new FCAR106 program was created.


  • #6867 - Class Code Search
    Request: Need a way to search by Class Code in CANOPY.
    Action: Programs were modified to include a Class Code search using the FFX tab in CANOPY.
  • #8027 - Title Code 9572
    Request: Customer reported that EPAs were not allowing entry of Title Code 9572 on the net funding lines of the EPA for Part 02.  After researching this we also discovered that this would impact entry of other valid Title Codes.
    Action: Modified the program to allow the 9572 Title Code, as well as others which might have caused errors.

Additional Action Items Completed:

  • #7988 - Add AFR Fund Group to the Bank Screen
    Request: A new field is requested for the Bank screen in FAMIS.  The AFR Fund Group is needed on this screen so that it can be used for the AFR process.
    Action: To facilitate use of the AFR Fund Group at the bank level on the AFR, modifications were made to Screen 28 and to the FBAR502, FBAR565 programs.  Valid values are the same as those on Screen 2 and Screen 6 in FAMIS.
  • #8032 - Allow Title Code 9572 for Workstation E
    Request: Allow Title Code 9572 for Workstation E.
    Action: Modified the subprogram to allow this Title Code on Workstation E.
  • #8026 - Part 02 TRECS
    Request: Change the extract for the reconciliation system to move COST-REF-2 to REF-5 and COST-REF-3 (converted) to REF-10.
    Action: Changed the fields being moved to Ref5 and Ref10 as requested.

FAMIS Services is currently working on the transition of OSRS to Part 26, as well as the ongoing efforts related to OSRS implementation across all System Parts.  We also recently participated in a kick-off presentation for the eBuilder System, which will interface with FAMIS.

May 16, 2012


  • #7888 - OSRS (Part 01 Request)
    Request: Include all OSRS accounts in the FBAR335 report.
    Action: FBAR335 was modified to use the OSRS account flag in combination with the Multi-Campus option to create a combined OSRS report.
  • #7934 - OSRS (All Parts Request)
    Request: Create a new program to populate the OSRS security flag in batch.
    Action: ZBAU308 has been created which can be used to populate the OSRS security flag in batch mode.
  • #7984 - Concur (All Parts Request)
    Request: Add new fields to Screen 827 that are related to the Concur project.
    Action: Screen 827 was modified to store and display the following new fields:
    • Monthly Fee
    • Concur Payments Clearing Account
    • CCP Bank/GL Account
  • #8004 - Concur (All Parts Request)
    Request: Need an automated method to create monthly Concur Fee equity transfer transactions in FAMIS.
    Action: Created the FCAR160 program for this purpose.  The report shows the following fields:
    • Transaction Code
    • 6 digit Account
    • Object Code
    • Date
    • Bank
    • Ref 2
    • Credit Account
    • Credit Object Code
    • Amount

    A job has been established for each Concur participating Part. The job name is "FnnFC160" ("nn" is your Part number).

FAMIS Services is currently working on the transition of OSRS to Part 26, as well as the on-going efforts related to the OSRS implementation across all Parts. In addition to the ongoing projects, we participated in the kick-off presentation for the eBuilder system that will interface with FAMIS.

May 11, 2012


  • #7583 - SciQuest / FFX (Part 02 Request)
    Request: TBAR010 must run every Friday regardless of whether TAMU is closed for a holiday.
    Action: TBAR006 was modified to obtain the last run date from a table. Cancelled holiday schedules will be manually run due to the infrequency of this occurrence.
  • #7974 - DCPR (Deferred Roth) (All Parts Request)
    Request: Add Deferred Roth benefit (DCPR) to the payroll processes.
    Action: Modified the FBPR097 report and Screen 837 in FAMIS to accommodate the DCPR benefit processing in FAMIS. A FAMIS announcement has already been communicated to the Parts requesting the table values for Screen 837 and for FBPR097 parameters in the PRACH job. Please get these values to us if you have not already done so.
  • Concur:
    • #7975 (Part 08 Request)
      Request: Update the FCAR100 program to add TEES employees to the Concur employee load program.
      Action: FCAR100 program was modified to find TEES employees whose adlocs match a Part 02 adloc and include these employees in the load to Concur.  This greatly reduces the number of manual table entries needed for employees who require Concur access.
    • #7976 (Part 06 Request)
      Request: Voucher data forms are not being printed for Concur vouchers.  The current program options are "All" or "PUR" (Purchasing only).
      Action: Modified the voucher data form program to recognize multiple origin codes at one time so that vouchers created by the Concur process will print with the daily print job.
    • #7980 (Part 02 Request)
      Request: Need a better visual way to determine foreign external vendors in Concur.
      Action: Modified the FCAR117 program to include "FRGN" for those vendors with a Vendor Type Code of "F" immediately following the External Vendor ID in the feed to Concur.  When selecting an External VID from the list in Concur, the External Vendor ID number will include "FRGN" immediately following it in the drop down list.

ACTION ITEMS UPDATE (additional information for Action Items announced April 25, 2012)

  • #7489 - Modify Voucher Feed to FFX (Part 02)
    Request: Change the Voucher Feed to FFX. Currently the feed happens when the voucher pays, but due to payment scheduling this information is not feeding in time for the asset to be approved. The feed needs to supply the same information as supplied when the voucher pays overnight. The change is needed to get assets tagged promptly to ensure compliance.
    Action: The TBDU065 program has been modified to feed assets over when there are any vendor terms on the purchasing document, in addition to the existing feed process.
  • #7799 - OSRS Committee - EPA Compliance Checks
    Request: OSRS EPA Compliance checks needed for "Account Date Range" and "Foreign Person Allowed."
    Action: Modified the EPA process to validate the "Account Date Range" with the EPA dates to ensure that EPA is within the project period. Modified the EPA process to validate "Foreign Person Allowed" flag on the project/account (Screen 8 in FAMIS) against the US Citizen Flag in BPP. An update was made to only check the "Account Date Range" in the active year. We had a few reports that the programming we completed was too restrictive for past year EPA modifications.
  • #7917 - Modified utility program to set receipt header to CLOSED when updating the status on the purchase order.
    Request: Two SciQuest documents are getting 'No Receiving' even though receiving has been done, causing the vouchers not to pay.
    Action: FAMIS programming was completed to update the Header status for any documents having this problem. FAMIS User Services staff members will work with customers to run the program as needed.


On April 4, FAMIS Services and the Concur Operational Team successfully implemented eTravel/Concur and the automated feeds into and out of FAMIS. We continue to work with the Concur Operational Team and other groups to fine tune routing and other feeds from FAMIS and related systems into Concur to improve routing and features as much as possible. We also continue to address future improvements such as reconciliation processes at month end and year end.


  1. Change default Home Page tab when logging into Concur
    • Log into Concur.
    • Click on "Profile".
    • Click on "System Settings".
      • Under "Other Preferences" change "Home Page" to desired setting.
      • Click "Save" at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Delegate to Another Profile
    • Log into Concur and click on the "[You are administering for: Yourself]" link at the top of the page.
    • Click the drop down menu to see a list of users/desks to which you can delegate.
    • Select the appropriate desk.
    • You will now be performing functions as that user/desk (the link at the top of the page now displays the name of the user/desk you selected).
    • When you click on the Profile tab you may also view who you are a delegate for and the permissions they have given you by selecting "Expense Delegates" from the navigation list on the left side of the page.
  3. Receive Frequent Flyer Rewards
    • On the travel details page, click on the "Change frequent flyer program" link.
    • Enter the new program to use for frequent flyer rewards.


  • Scheduled for June 14, 2012 at 2:00pm

April 25, 2012


On April 4, FAMIS Services and the Concur Operational Team successfully implemented the eTravel/Concur System and the automated feeds into/out of FAMIS. In the beginning we experienced a few routing issues but these have been resolved. The FAMIS Team and the Concur Operational Team continue to work on future improvements such as the reconciliation processes at month end. 

Tips when using Concur:

  • How to Delegate to Another Profile
    1. After logging into Concur click on the [You are administering for: Yourself] link at the top of the page.
    2. Click the drop down menu next to "You are administering Travel/Expense for" to see a list of available users/desks for which you can delegate.
    3. Select the appropriate desk and the [You are administering for:] link will now display the name of the desk/user you selected.
    4. Click on the Profile tab to view the expense delegates page in your profile. This will show who you are a delegate for and the permissions they have given you. 
  • How to Receive Frequent Flyer Rewards
    During the booking process you will advance to the Travel Details page.  Click on the "Change frequent flyer program" link and enter a new program.


The PI Virtual Desk has been changed to a "named" individual because of the confusion and complexity of the PI approval step.  The PI is now the first approver listed and will be the only one to get the e-mail and do the approval UNLESS the PI is the traveler (or the PI gives delegate approval authority and emails to the director and delegates).  If the PI is the traveler, the first person on the departmental signer desk will get the e-mail and have to do the approval.

For anyone else to get the approval e-mail and do the approvals instead of the PI, the PI will need to delegate his approval authority to those individuals.

Since Concur builds the routing path for a document when it is submitted into routing, there may be several documents in routing with 'old' approval chains.  For this reason we have retained the "Virtual" approval chains in Concur which should allow the delegates for the original "Virtual" desks to continue approving these documents until they are out of the system through attrition.  The solution is to determine who the Expense Delegates are for the "Virtual" desks, and then users may "DELEGATE" for the desk and approve the documents (see How to Delegate to Another Profile instructions above).  An example of the "Virtual" desk in the Approval Flow is:  OSRS-02-nnnnnn (where nnnnnn is the account number).


  • #7770 - FAMIS expense transaction postings and SAE processing
  • #7838 - Add Concur Fee Account field to multiple reports; check validity of the account
  • #7844 - Create OSRS Cost Object Approvers
  • #7883 - Concur cross part credit card postings
  • #7894 - Cash Advance flag setting for Concur
  • #7897 - Allow 'T' vendors to be sent to eTravel
  • #7911 - Create program to identify active eTravel users for SSO Menu access
  • #7919 - IBCP handling in the FCAU150 and FCAU152
  • #7929 - Employee load from SSO Bridge table in FAMIS
  • #7946 - Add Agency Head and Alternate Agency Head fields to Screen 827, update feed programs
  • #7951 - Log Concur flag changes on Screen 207
  • #7956 - Modify VQDU552 to utilize separate batch numbers for SciQuest and Concur
  • #7957 - Utilize the UIN table for vendor ID lookup rather than the Person Table
  • #7958 - Remove '-' (dashes) from the Department and Sub-Department fields prior to sending to Concur
  • #7967 - Concur voucher field updates including Credit Card Acquirer Ref in Cost Ref 3
  • #7968 - Include Campus Code and Account along with Department in the Description field of the Auth Request Account
  • #7975 - Update FCAR100 to add TEES employees
  • #7977 - VQDU552 - auto posting option to allow over-budget posting


  • #7489 - Modify Voucher Feed to FFX (Part 02 Request)
    When TBDU065 is run with Option=AUTO and the Terms are set to Net 27 on the Purchase Order, Preliminary Fixed Assets will automatically feed to FFX.
  • #7799 - EPA compliance checks for (1) Account Date Range, (2) Foreign Person Allowed
  • #7808 - Adjust AggieBuy account feed to populate OSRS account data in AggieBuy
  • #7886 - Screen 886-Account Audit Trail (Part 02 Request)
    Created this new screen to display an audit trail for Account Attributes:
    • Function
    • Exec Level
    • Division
    • School
    • Department/Sub Department
    • OSRS Flag
    • Freeze Flag
    • Delete Flag
  • #7953 - CRIS (Part 01 Request)
    Depreciation calculation correction for CRIS extract.
  • #7962 - TRECS (Part 02 Request)
    Send Cost Ref 3 in the Ref 5 field of the Recon file.
  • #7964 - Add the OSRS Account flag to Screens 29 and 68 for use in searching for an OSRS account.


  • #7917 - Modified utility program to set receipt header to CLOSED when updating the status on the Purchase Order
  • #7941 - Allow sending vendor to SciQuest for Vendor IDs beginning with '5' or '8'


  • Scheduled for May 10, 2012 at 2:00pm

March 6, 2012

eTravel/CONCUR Reminders

  • Implementation Go Live Date - April 4, 2012
  • CONCUR test environment will not be available between March 19 and April 4.  You will not be able to login during this time.  Participating Members are encouraged to spend as much time as possible training users prior to March 19.
  • An eTravel/CONCUR Quick Start Guide will soon be available on the A&M System's eTravel/CONCUR web page:


  • #7815 - AIM System Feeds (Part 23 Request)
    We created a download process to feed the AIM System with purchasing and payment information from FAMIS.
  • #7816 - OSRS - Past Due Notices
    Programs have been modified to produce past due notices on OSRS designated accounts to be printed separately from non-OSRS accounts.  The corresponding reports and download files have been split as well.
  • #7875 - SciQuest
    Modified Screen 208 to allow the send to SciQuest and SciQuest Active flags to be set to "No".  The system no longer requires at least one vendor with the SciQuest Active flag.


  • FAMIS Services, along with System Office Budgets and Accounting, will provide the following training sessions:
    • March 19-21 - FAMIS Security Administrator Training and FAMIS Back to Basics at the San Antonio campus .  Members from surrounding A&M campuses will also be in attendance, including Corpus Christi, Kingsville and International.
    • March 27-28 - Specialized training session at the Central Texas campus (for that campus only).


  • Scheduled for Thursday, March 8 at 2:00pm - don't miss it!

February 28, 2012

  • FAMIS table changes require using our Change / Enhancement request form. These requests must be routed to authorized requester due to audit implications.
  • FAMIS Services staff members have been busy completing programming and training Security Administrators for the implementation of the CONCUR / ETravel system, which will begin on April 4, 2012.
  • Required modifications are in process due to the formation of the OSRS.
  • Back to Basics training was conducted this month for 28 users.  Two future training sessions are scheduled at regional campuses next month, as well as another training session to be scheduled in College Station in the future. 
  • If you have other FAMIS training needs, please let us know.

CONCUR / eTravel

  • Implementation Begins April 4, 2012
    Participating members of the CONCUR / eTravel software implementation will begin using CONCUR for Travel Authorization Requests and Expense Reporting on April 4, 2012.  This date was chosen due to the CitiBank billing cycle.  The test environment for CONCUR will be disabled on or before March 19, 2012.  Between this date and April 4, the system will be reset and prepared for use and production data - you will not be able to login during this time.  Participating Members should spend as much time as possible training users in their locations prior to the March 19 cut-off date.
  • CONCUR Default Settings
    Screen 827
    in FAMIS is used to maintain many of the default settings for CONCUR. Please contact if you have any questions about the settings for your campus.  Changes to this screen are made by FAMIS User Services and fed into CONCUR nightly.
  • CONCUR Travel Authorization Request Approval Inquiry
    The approval path for Travel Authorization Requests (Pre-Trip Approval) is determined by the traveler's primary manager in SSO, the Adloc assigned to the traveler in BPP, and the Adloc assigned to the department in FAMIS.  This information is displayed on Screen 862 in FAMIS.
  • CONCUR Expense Report Routing
    These expense reports will route according to the DTV Path for the account receiving the charge.  Contracts and Grants, and Foreign Travel, will potentially route to additional desks set up for those approvals.
  • External VIDs (Vendor ID)
    FAMIS added this field on Screen 203 and other vendor search screens to provide a means to reimburse non-employees and eliminate the need for assigning a UIN to every person requiring travel reimbursement.  The External VID is assigned automatically by FAMIS from a single numbering sequence across all System Parts.  This number is then fed into CONCUR for use in expense report submission. 

    When this number is used in CONCUR and reported back to FAMIS on the Standard Accounting Extract from CONCUR, we then find the FAMIS vendor number from our file and reimburse the appropriate person.
    • The External VID will be assigned to ALL active vendors.
    • System Member values will not overlap. It will be unique across all System Parts.
    • The External VID will be 8 characters, which will prevent the current FAMIS Vendor ID from being used in place of the External VID.
    • This ID number will be displayed (view only) on Screens 103/203, on the vendor search help pop-up window (PF6), and will be eventually added to the CANOPY vendor display and Vendor name search.
    • Any current non-active vendors will not be assigned an External VID, but if they become active a number will be assigned at that time.
    • External VID assignment remains with the vendor permanently.

  • Additional documentation for the CONCUR / eTravel System will soon be available on our FAMIS web site.
  • Useful CONCUR information is available on the A&M System web site:


  • #7490 - Vendor Notes (Part 02 Request)
    (New Screen 210 Coming Soon!)
    Screen 210 will provide users with a way to record vendor notes, similar to purchasing notes.  The notes will be entered as free-form text, and line positioning/paging will be available on the screen.  Vendor notes may be entered directly on Screen 210, or on the pop-up window available on other FAMIS screens:  201, 203, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209, 211, 143, 120 and 132.  NOTE:  Users must have the proper security for Screen 210 to enter notes.
  • #7757 - Modify Monthly Download (Part 01 OSRS Request)
    New field was added to monthly download created by FBAR320 - OSRS Flag.  This will help identify accounts that OSRS will be administering.
  • #7401 - CRIS (Part 06 Request)
    Programs have been modified to produce a new file for Ag Projects.  A web-service was implemented, and programming completed to edit against the new file.

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