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It is important to keep your requests coming to the proper email addresses. We have been busy with the implementation of new systems, required maintenance of existing programs and participation in the transition efforts for the new Office of Sponsored Research Services on a timely basis. Sending email directly to analysts or other staff members could cause a delay in our response time.

Our contact email addresses (NOTE: changed to @tamus): (FAMIS SECURITY)
Security Administrators may contact this group for assistance with daily security tasks (FAMIS HELP)
CANOPY/FAMIS functional inquiries, table updates, etc. (PRODUCTION)
Contact FAMIS Production with your questions concerning job postings and job requests

October 6, 2011

  • CitiBank Feeds
    FAMIS accounts are uploaded to CitiBank to facilitate the reallocation process. You may control the accounts and subcodes which get uploaded by requesting changes to the PRODCARD for the CITI job. You may specify several ranges.

    These requests should be submitted to FAMISHELP using the Change/Enhancement request form on our web site. Please contact FAMISHELP if you have any questions.

  • Action #7673 (Part 23 Request)
    We have completed the request to allow the ability to specify a percentage for each semester code for the FBXR030 program.

September 16, 2011

  • AFR Printing
    Action #7736 - We have modified the AFR Module to eliminate the additional blank page that printed between each report. This should provide some time savings, and is a more "green" process. Please let us know if you experience any problems with the printing of your reports.

  • CitiBank - 4th Quarter USAS Batches
    As part of the CitiBank posting process, we are posting acrual batches in FAMIS for AFR purposes. Just as with the YR217 process, FAMIS Production Services needs to know if you also want these batches posted into USAS. Key facts about the USAS process:

    • USAS closes period 12 of each fiscal year as of close of business on September 30, 20xx.
    • Any fiscal year USAS entries that are made in USAS after September 30, 20xx must use the effective date of 08/32/xx.
    • USAS allows 08/32/xx as a valid date in their system...FAMIS does not.

    Please notify FAMIS Production Services ( no later than 9/20/20xx if you want these files sent to USAS.

    Doing this will give you time to receive your reports and review them before requesting that your files be sent FTP to USAS. Once they are sent FTP to USAS, it may take an additional day or two for these batches to process in USAS, based on your USAS batch release.

  • Test File Posting
    Please keep in mind that FAMIS Services staff members are extremely busy at this time of year. If you are submitting test files, you may experience some delay in the posting. We have to focus our efforts on the resolution of production-related data/questions as a priority at year-end. Thanks for your patience!

September 7, 2011

  • August Close Tonight - September 7, 2011
    Please be sure that all entry into FAMIS is complete prior to 5:00pm today!
    FAMIS Services will close the month of August tonight for all System Parts (Research Foundation closed last night).

  • FAMIS TTVN is scheduled for Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 2:00pm.

  • YRBBR - Account Balance Daily Roll
    Processing of the account balance daily roll begins tonight for all parts. This is a new process for FY 2011. Please contact FAMIS Help with any questions.

  • Purchasing
    To avoid errors opening and closing Purchasing documents, it is best to always place the 100% line as the last line of the account distribution on the document. For more information and a screen example, refer to Screen 224 in the online PDF version of the Purchasing User Manual on our web site.

  • CitiBank - Transaction Processing
    Citibank transactions were posted this week for all System Parts. We are working with a couple of campuses on questions or concerns. We will continue to refine this process; however, please let us know if you have any questions that need to be addressed.

  • Test File Posting
    Please keep in mind that FAMIS Services staff members are extremely busy at this time of year. If you are submitting test files, you may experience some delay in the posting. We have to focus our efforts on the resolution of production related data/questions as a priority at year-end. Thanks for your patience!

September 1, 2011

  • FAMIS Processing Dates
    FAMIS will close August for all parts, except Research Foundation, on September 7, 2011. Research Foundation will close on September 6, 2011. Until then, your Active Processing Month will be Month 8, and Active Fiscal Year will be 2011. The time between now and the 7th allows members to complete August entries for 2011.

    Checks printed will reflect the actual date printed; the transactions will post with batch dates of 8/31/2011. Most transactions will be entered and posted in 2011 at this time. A limited number of users may have access to make 2012 entries.

  • Purchasing
    You may default your document entry for Departments or Purchasing to 2012 by requesting that we set Screen 311 to FY 2012. If you do not choose to default to 2012, users may alternately enter 2012 in the Doc. Year field for their documents as allowed according to the members' internal procedures. You must set the year prior to pressing ENTER to create the document number.

    Ultimately, documents may be entered for either year right now. Screen 311 just sets the DEFAULT they will see on the Purchasing screens.

  • CitiBank - Transaction Processing
    If you have not yet submitted your parameters for Citibank processing, please do so ASAP.

    We have placed links on the FAMIS web site for the Citibank/FAMIS Posting Calendar and other CitiBank processing related documents. Please refer to these documents when possible. We will continually update them as we move forward with the implementation of this process.

  • AFR
    Action #7726 - We have added the ability to print AFR Reports that require a prerequisite WITHOUT having to print the prerequisite reports. Simply enter an "R" to Run Only next to those reports that are required as prerequisites. An "X" selection will run and print. This should greatly reduce wasted paper at AFR time.

August 2011

FAMIS Services staff continues to be busy with the implementation of new systems, required maintenance of existing programs and participation in the meetings to determine programming and security requirements for the new Office of Sponsored Research Services. We are also gearing up for year-end and have recently completed the FAMIS Year-End Procedures section of the AFR Workshop.

  • Recently Completed AFR Workshop (July-28-29, 2011)
    In reviewing the evaluations for the FAMIS Year-End Procedures portion of the AFR Workshop, it appears that most are pleased with the YRBBR changes (see below) and the modifications to the Year-End Manual.  We believe the Year-End Manual will be simpler to follow, and facilitates better ‘sight recognition’ for completed items by having the check boxes located in a designated area on each page.

    Kudos to Joy Cooper in FAMIS Services for restructuring this manual.  We work continually to improve and ensure that our manuals contain helpful, accurate information.  We appreciate any input to this process.

    Most of the comments we received on the evaluations were very positive and we received good suggestions for next year's workshop.  If you have any lingering questions about the year-end process, please contact us at, or call the FAMIS Hotline (979-458-6464).  We will be happy to assist in your understanding of this process.

    The "Allow EPA Docs" flag has been set to "Y" and you may now enter EPAs in CANOPY for budgeted positions only.  CANOPY will still default to FY 2011.  Entry of budgeted EPAs for fiscal year 2012 will require you to use the drop down menu and select fiscal year 2012.  The fiscal year default will be changed to FY 2012 on the evening of 09/07/11.  Creating fiscal year 2012 EPAs for Wage Pins is currently not allowed until after BPP rolls Wage Pins for your workstation.  This will probably occur the weekend of August 20, 2011.

    EPA Encumbrances will not be processed until each agency loads initial budgets and salary encumbrances for 2012.

  • FAMIS Year-End
    Please contact the FAMIS Help group if you need assistance with values on your PRODCARDS and Parameters.

  • PUR
    Did you now that we have set up a unit of measure "USD: US Dollars"?  This UOM allows for more efficient processing when making multiple payments and the exact amount of each invoice over the life of the project is unknown.  We highly recommend use of this unit WITHOUT the use of the "M" Processing Code for this type of purchasing document.  Using the USD unit will greatly reduce problems with the end of year Accounts Payable Accruals and is less confusing to Purchasing or Accounts Payable staff when processing these documents.


    • Quantity - 10,000
    • UOM - USD
    • Unit Price - $1.00
    • Extended Price - $10,000.00

    If the first invoice comes in for the amount of $500, 500 USDs are received and paid.  9500 USDs remain for future payments.  The Purchase Order will not complete until all dollars are used.  Three-way match checking can occur.  When the "M" Processing Code is used, the three-way match is not checked.

    This is a great time of year to switch over to this new method for new year Requisitions and Purchase Orders!

  • FRS
    Action #7427 - FAMIS has been working hard to improve the Year-End Balance roll process.  Attached is a document explaining the new rolling balance process.  This was discussed in great detail at the AFR Workshop.  Let us know if you have any questions.

    Action #7707 - Local Income Tax has been added as a personal deduction type in BPP.  This has been added to the FBPR091 report in FAMIS.

  • Concur - DTV Routing Paths
    We are making progress with the Concur implementation.  We have added Screen 919 - Concur Expense Approvers.  This screen will show you by Department/Sub-Department, Account or Office and display who the approvers are in the expense approval chain.  The Action Line for this screen will auto-populate based on the screen that you come from in FAMIS:

    • From 02, 06, 51, etc. - account fields will be populated
    • From 850 - department field will be populated
    • From Routing and Approval screens - Office and View will be populated

    The revised Concur - DTV Guide describes this process and modifications made to the document provided last month.

  • CitiBank - Transaction Processing
    If you have not submitted your parameters for CitiBank, please do so ASAP.

    See the following documents for more information:

    Action #7712 - The new job for posting CitiBank transactions is FnnXR392 (where "nn" is your System Part).

  • SciQuest / AggieBuy
    Programming is now in place to REJECT any purchasing documents sent through AggieBuy (SciQuest) where there are NO (zero) Part 02 funds involved AND the document total is over $5,000.00.  These documents will be rejected back to AggieBuy.

  • Budget
    BPP has moved the PREP Budget to Active and the final GOLDPL52 has been run.

  • FAMIS Training
    We just completed a very compressed version of FAMIS "Back to Basics" training at the Texarkana campus.  The good news is that we now believe we can present this class in two days.  Our new trainer, Melissa Ray, brings a wealth of knowledge from hands-on-experience to this class.  We are working on firming up some dates for a class; however, with year-end, AFR and other deadlines it appears that it may be in the fall before we are able to put a class together.  We will keep you posted.

    We have had a request for SPR training.  This training hasn't been offered to a wide audience since 2002.  We would like some feedback on the need for this across other campuses so we can determine how best to offer the training.  Please let us know if you are interested in this offering for your campus.

  • REMINDER - New System Office Email Addresses
    Beginning June 1, 2011 the System Offices began the process of changing email extensions to "@tamus".  The "@tamu" email addresses will continue to work through May 31, 2012 but after that date will not be valid.  Please update your email lists and address books.

July 2011

  • FAMIS TTVN - July 14, 2011 from 2-4pm
    Agenda to be announced.

  • AFR Workshop - July 28-29, 2011
    There are 3 sessions each day. The sessions will be held in the main assembly rooms of the AMSB building.

  • REMINDER - Email Change for System Offices
    On June 1, 2011, the System Offices began the process of changing email extensions to "".  The "" addresses should be in working order through May 31, 2012, but will not work beyond May 31, 2012.

    The email addresses for FAMISHELP and FAMISPROD are and

  • FRS
    The OSRS flag was added to Screen 2 and Screen 6 for OSRS accounts.  Currently the values allowed are "Y", "N", and "Blank" (which will be considered "N").  There are still some discussions about the possibility of allowing a value of "B" (Both) for this flag.

    All SAs under an SL will be considered OSRS. It was also determined to not be needed at the SA level for Cost Share accounts since no transactions, other than through normal batch processing should be happening from an OSRS standpoint.

  • Concur - DTV Routing Paths (created by FAMIS)
    In preparation for the implementation of the travel system (Concur), FAMIS has recently created TRAINING DTV routing paths in the training environment for all participating Concur parts.  We will soon populate DTV routing paths for Concur participating parts in the production environment.

  • CitiBank - Transaction Processing
    FAMIS is in the process of posting production data for CitiBank Procards and expect to post transactions for most members in the next few weeks.

  • SciQuest/AggieBuy
    Action #7581 has been completed. We have modified Screen 228 in FAMIS to allow completion of a SciQuest/AggieBuy purchase order.

  • FAMIS Training
    We recently completed a compressed version of FAMIS "Back to Basics" training at the Texarkana campus.  As a result, we now believe we can present this class in 2 days.  Our new trainer, Melissa Ray, brings a wealth of knowledge from hands on experience to this class.  Plans are being made to offer this class but with year-end, AFR, and other deadlines it appears that it may be in the Fall before we can schedule any classes. We will keep you posted.

June 2011

  • Concur - External Vendor ID Field Added
    A new field (External VID) has been added to the FAMIS vendor file.  This field now appears on Screen 103 and Screen 203. The field will be used in the Concur Travel application to allow us to reimburse non-employees and eliminate the need to issue UINs to non-employees.  Additionally, this will eliminate the need to use existing vendor IDs (which may include Social Security number) in Concur.  When the External Vendor ID is used in Concur and reported back to FAMIS on the Standard Accounting Extract (export from Concur),  we will use the External Vendor ID to retrieve the actual vendor number from FAMIS to reimburse the appropriate person.

    The new External Vendor ID design:

    • The ID will be assigned to ALL active vendors.
    • System member values will not overlap.  It will be unique across all parts.
    • The ID will be 8 digits long.  This will prevent the current FAMIS Vendor ID from being used in its place.
    • It is also shorter than the existing 11 digits so that any interfaces/feeds it may eventually go into (student feed, for example) will not have to be changed to accommodate the new format.
    • The ID is shown (display only) on Screen 103 and Screen 203, and on the vendor search help pop-up screen (using the PF6 key).  It will eventually be added to the CANOPY vendor display, and vendor name search.
    • Current non-active vendors will not be assigned a number, but when they become active they will be assigned a number.  Once the number is assigned, it remains with the vendor permanently.

  • CitiBank - Transaction Processing
    We are working on the process to extract transactions from CitiBank, and feed the data into FAMIS.  This process has not been finalized, but at this time we can provide the following information.  With the change from JP Morgan Chase to CitiBank, the processing of Purchasing Card and Travel transactions will be handled differently than in the past.  FAMIS will pull the transactions from CitiBank and automatically process them.

    Our process will include the following:

    • FAMIS will split the transactions by Campus
    • FAMIS will optionally split the transactions for a campus into PCARD and TRAVEL files for separate posting
    • Transactions will be separated into State and Local batches using the State Fund flag on Screen 6, or the Default Bank on the account
      • If the Default Bank option is used, the Default Bank for Support Accounts will be checked first
      • If the Default Bank on the Support Account is blank, the Default Bank on the SL will be used
    • The extended format will be used to create these transactions - providing these additional fields in the feed:
      • Description from the transaction
      • Identification of the card holder (the UIN with the middle '00' removed)
      • Last 14 characters/digits of the transaction code for the State invoice number

    In order to implement the new processes, additional values for FAMIS are needed.  You will need to identify new clearing accounts for CitiBank.  We recommend a clearing account for Travel and one for the PCARD.  If you plan to implement Concur for travel, a separate clearing account for travel is required.  We will request these new account numbers from you in the near future.

    If addition, a default account needs to be identified for transactions that may come in with a blank account.  If the original account has been specified in the account set up for the credit card, this account will be used should the transaction not be re-allocated in the GCMS application for CitiBank before the pull.

    More information concerning this implementation will be made available soon.

  • New Email Addresses for System Office Employees
    On June 1, 2011 the System Offices began the process of changing email extensions to "". The "" addresses should be in working order through May 31, 2012.  The email addresses for and have not yet been changed. However, be aware that the new and email addresses will go into effect soon and the old addresses will not work beyond May 31, 2012.

  • FRS - Screen 211 (Vendor XREF)
    A new screen has been added to FAMIS.  Screen 211 (Vendor XREF) provides the ability to link a vendor on one campus to a SciQuest (AggieBuy) vendor on another campus.

    The functions for this screen are Add (A) and Delete (D).

    When a voucher is created from an invoice processed from SciQuest, the Vendor XREF file will be searched to see if the SciQuest vendor from the voucher campus code has been related to a vendor on the campus code where the voucher is being created. If the vendor from the SciQuest invoice is found, the vendor for the campus being processed will be substituted for the original vendor.  Additions to this screen are logged and appear on Screen 201.

  • Action Item #7644 Completed
    Work has been completed on Action Item #7644.  We can now produce a file containing SL/SA information, with Department Code and other pertinent information needed for AggieWorks.

  • Training
    We recently completed a joint Payroll training with BPP.  Plans are being made for a FAMIS Back to Basics due to members needs and requests.  The dates for this training have not been set, but please contact FAMISHELP if you have a topic or date suggestions. We need to know if you are interested in attending a Back to Basics workshop, and if so how many would attend from your campus.

    Also, please let us know if you have other training needs.

March 2011

FAMIS Services staff is currently involved in several large projects.  We have been working for several months on these which include needs to comply with Federal regulations and implementation requirements for external systems.  Work is in progress on the CONCUR implementation, 3% withholding for IRS Reporting, and the CitiBank PROCARD and Travel Card conversion.

While we are making progress on these large projects, we have also completed work on other Action Items as detailed below:

  • ACH EMail Notification - Action Item #7363
    We have modified the VSCR089 program to produce a file which can be used by VSCR090 (new program) to produce ACH EMail Notifications.  This will produce a generic email.

    Implementation of this feature will require a Change/Enhancement Request which will be processed by FAMIS Services staff.  We will set up the required PRODCARDS with your supplied data, and the Screen 853 ACH-FROM-EMAIL Table - which will control the following:

    FROM - The FROM email address will appear in the "From" email address on the sent mail
    FROMHDR - The FROMHDR email address is the address that will receive REJECTED emails

    The actual verbiage is limited to 40 lines in the email body.  The text for the information not contained in the two mentioned PRODCARDS will be the same for all campuses; it is not customizable.

    To summarize, we will need your Change/Enhancement to include the FROM email, FROMHDR email.  It should also include email addresses for the contacts for:  Vendor Payments, Employee Reimbursements, Student Payments/Refunds, Employee Travel and Other Payments.  Additionally, we need the Signature information, following the Payment Detail.  Please send an email to or call 979-458-6464 with any questions.

  • VBAR404 - Vendor Download - Action #7000 (as part of the 3% withholding requirements)
    This program is now available for request on the FAMIS web site.  The program creates a download file of vendor information:  Ownership Code, Vendor Type, 1099 Code, W9 Date.

  • FAMIS User Manuals
    We have published the majority of the FAMIS User Manuals in the newly improved format.  The new format reduced the size of these manuals, and has incorporated color and graphics to improve readability.  We encourage you to use the manuals on the web as much as possible.  The search capabilities will save time and effort, while the new format provides color elements that enhance the importance of some of the important information provided.  If you have a color printer, you may want to select to print our FAMIS User Manuals with the "grayscale" option selected to avoid printing in color.

    PDF versions of our user manuals have a helpful feature - bookmarks!  If you are searching for a particular screen or menu, you can use the bookmarks to locate the information quickly.
  • Annual Archiving Completed
    FAMIS recently completed the annual archiving of FAMIS detail transactions to tape for Fiscal Year 2008.  Data for fiscal years 2009-2011 are available on the detail screens.  You may access the archived data through a variety of FAMIS reports.  Summary data continues to be available on FAMIS Screens 18, 19, etc.  Please contact with any questions.

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