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October - November 2010

Major Projects in Progress:

  • Implementation of the Concur Travel System
  • Transition to Citibank PROCARD/Travel Card
  • Planning stages for the expected 3% withholding requirement and 1099 changes which will go into effect in January 2012

    FAMIS Services staff is working directly with Citibank towards implementation of a single feed to FAMIS for all System parts. We will keep you informed as this project progresses.

FAMIS Web Site:

The A&M System website has recently been migrated to a Content Management based design.  As a result of that, the FAMIS web-pages have a slightly different look and feel.  The transition was fairly seamless, however please let us know if you experience any difficulties.  Some links may be slightly different, requiring updates to your bookmarks.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Completed Items:


  • Action #5843 has been completed (Screen 272-Documents by Status, Screen 275-Incomplete Receiving/Invoicing, and Screen 281-Document Browse by Dept/SubDept have all been modified to allow for wildcard searches.  The SubDept field will now accept 5 asterisks (*****) to allow for display of all sub-departments of the department entered on the Action Line.


  • Multiple modifications have been made to improve the overall functionality of SciQuest (AggieBuy).

September 2010

Daily Balance Roll-Forward - YRBBR

FAMIS has implemented a new process to roll forward the GL and Project account balances during the Year-End Close process. 

FnnYRBBR will run nightly from the night of August close (9/8/10) through Month 13 close or September close, whichever occurs first.  The FnnYRBBR job is running a “No-Post” version of the YR412 to calculate the amount to be posted in these batches.  If you normally run a YR412 No-Post daily you do not need to request it, you will be able to view the output created by the YR412 that we are running as part of the balance roll-forward job.  During this period, you may still request your YR412 with the Post option Whenever needed.  The post option will not interfere with the YRBBR process, nor will it be affected by that process.  You will need to request the YR412 separately if you want to print the FBYR413 – Revenue and Expense Budget Transactions report.

The FnnYRBBR job includes the YR002 and YR003 as well as a YR412 “No Post”.  This job creates two batches for each campus that uses FAMIS for their accounting system.  These batches are posted in FAMIS with a 9/01/2010 date using batch ID’s:  BBGLnn and BBPJnn.  The “nn” represents a number which will be incremented daily.  You may view these batches on Screen 24 in FAMIS.  The purpose of this process is to improve Maestro reporting during the Year-End Close period.

In future years we plan to include the YR006 in this process.


  • As part of shared services, we have modified EPA entry to allow System Office Employees to be recorded as "S" Pins, but allow TTI to assign ad-locs to those same employees.
  • EPA’s have been modified to accommodate a maximum of 20 source records, doubling the previous limit of 10. 


  • Screen 6 has been modified to allow the ability to change MAESTRO related fields even if the Fiscal Year has been closed.  These fields are:  Admin Campus Code, Department/Sub-Department, Center Campus Code, Center Department and Sub-Department.
  • We have enhanced the PBAR243 report and download to include more than first line of the description.
  • FBXR030 – we have improved the error message reporting in this program to provide more information to those interpreting the report.
  • FBYU408 – we have modified the program to allow up to 50 account ranges in the PRODCARD used for input to the program.
  • Modified all FAMIS screens and reports to increase the possible number of ranges a pool can have on ABR Rules from 15 to 30.
  • New fields added to the Payroll export for the Data Warehouse, time and effort data.

June 2010


  • Maestro Related Fields Added and Changed On Screens 6, 50 and 51
    • Campus Code fields ("Admn for CC" and "Center CC") were added to these screens to provide more Maestro related information for the "Administered For" Department/SubDepartment fields, and for the "Center" Department/Sub-Department fields.
    • Long Title field was added to Screen 50.
    • When Account Title is modified on Screens 6, 50 and 51 the Long Title will also be updated if they were the same before any changes were made. For example, if Account Title was "ABC" and Long Title was also "ABC", when the Account Title is changed to "ABCD" and the ENTER key is pressed, the Long Title will also be changed to "ABCD".
    • For AgriLife (Campus 06 and 07 only)
      Screens 50 and 51 -- When a new support account is set up, if a Sponsored Research Project exists for the SL account (on Screen 9), the "Long Title" for the support account is defaulted to the SPR project title. A one-time change was made on all accounts for FY 2009-2011 -- if an SL account had a Sponsored Project on Screen 9, the Long Title on the support account was changed to match the SPR project title.

May 2010


  • Budget Spreadsheet Upload Functionality
    • FAMIS now offers the ability to upload an Excel spreadsheet through CANOPY to be loaded in the FAMIS Budget Module. Spreadsheets may be formatted in one of two ways – with budget categories in a horizontal or vertical layout. Multiple files may be uploaded per day, they will be posted during the Production Nightly Processing in the order they are received. Posting and error reports will be available.

      The link for the Budget Upload Process document is available on our FAMIS home page under Processes and Documents. Review the Budget Upload Process document for complete instructions.


  • FBAR231 - Download
    • Added a download option to FBAR231 - CFDA Year-End Report.

  • IBMR053 - Sort
    • Added an option to sort IBMR053 by Department Code to provide departmental access to this report via DDRINT / MOBIUS.

March 2010


  • TDP
    • Added the same fields to the "Transfer for External Pickup" as are available on the "Surplus Pickup".


  • FBAR341 - Deficit Open Commitments
    • Added "Date" to the download file.

  • FAMIS Related to the Maestro Application
    • Added the ability to enter multiple responsible persons to FAMIS Screens 9 and 52. Press the PF8 AResp (Additional Responsible Persons) key to enter/view the additional data. A "Type" field is available to classify the type of individual. The current valid values for "Type" are:

      • AC = Account Owner
      • BA = Business Administrator
      • Blank = Not Specified
      • CP = Co-Principal Investigator
      • PI = Principal Investigator

February 2010


  • Routing & Approvals

    • FBYU720 (Discard Route Document FYIs)
      Added new program FBYU720 (DISCARD ROUTE DOCUMENT FYI’S) to purge FYI (For Your Notification) copies of routing documents from In-boxes. This program runs for ALL TAMUS Members on the night of the 15th of each month. All FYIs that are older than 12 months will be deleted from the In-box. The documents are still available in the Outbox, but are removed from the In-box.

      All users are still encouraged to clean out their In-boxes on a regular basis!

    • "EN ROUTE" Box
      Added new functionality that allows you to view ‘what is potentially coming to your In-box’.

      Many have already noticed that the Routing History in CANOPY and FAMIS Screen 914 displays a new section, "Document Path (Pending)" with this ‘pending route’ information.

      In CANOPY, a new Routing & Approvals Tab labeled "EN ROUTE" is available. The En Route Box displays documents that are currently on a routing path that will include a desk on which you are a primary approver or signer. You also have the ability to determine who currently has the document and how long it has been routing.

      FAMIS Screen 916 provides the same functionality as the new Tab in CANOPY.
  • Preliminary Fixed Assets

    • Preliminary Fixed Assets Entry
      Added the ability to enter Preliminary Fixed Assets on CANOPY. Under the FRS TAB, you can select "Create Pre Asset". CANOPY now gives you all the functionality available on FAMIS Screens 361-362. This includes creating Preliminary Assets for new Purchase Documents as well as for those tied to purchases created outside of the FAMIS Purchasing System such as Procurement Card Purchases. For further information on "Non-Purchasing Preliminary FFX Entry / Interface" please view our document on our FAMIS Services Home web page.

January 2010

The following update in FAMIS is related to the Maestro Application in FRS:

  • Added Parent Department and Center Institute codes to the Department Load for Maestro.


  • EPA
    • Added E-Verify flag to the file that is passed to BPP.
    • Added the ability to generate E-Mail from EPA validation based on E-Verify flagged account.


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