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It is important for your requests to be sent to the proper email address. Since we have been busy with the implementation of new systems, required maintenance of existing programs and participation in the transition efforts for the new Office of Sponsored Research Services on a timely basis, sending email directly to analysts or other staff members could cause a delay in our response time.

Our contact email addresses (NOTE: email extension was changed to @tamus.edu):

FAMIS HELP - FAMISHelp@tamus.edu
CANOPY/FAMIS functional inquiries, table updates, etc.
Contact FAMIS Production with your questions concerning job postings and job requests.
FAMIS SECURITY - FAMIS-Security@tamus.edu
Security Administrators may contact this group for assistance with daily security tasks.

February 11, 2014

The following Action Item has been completed:


  • #8475 - SRS/AFR Reporting
    Screen 59 has been added to FAMIS. This screen allows update of Support Account CFDA and THECB codes.

    Screen 9 has also been changed to allow users to enter a Sponsored Project at the SL level, which will override any entries at the SA level for the accounts.

    Users will receive a warning message when entering the Sponsored Project informing them that the project related fields on any SAs related to the SL will be overridden with the newly entered information.

    The additional attributes at the SL and SAL level will enhance the ability to prepare AFR and Research Expenditure reports.

    The addition of Screen 9 has prompted a reorganization of the FAMIS menus. Menu MO5 has been changed to show screens for Support Account Inquiry, and a new menu screen, M06, has been created to display screens for Support Account Maintenance.

April 9, 2013

The following Action Items have been completed:


  • #8317 - Canopy / Payroll
    Request: Add a link to the transactions page from the encumbrance page. Add OSRS flags to both pages.
    Action: Canopy was modified to accomplish this change.


  • #8080 - Concur
    Request: Concur processing is not adjusting off all commitments to zero when an expense report is marked.
    Action: Modified the process to zero out the encumbrance when appropriate.

  • #8322 - Concur
    Request: Modify the classification titles in the Concur program.
    Action: Titles were modified as requested.


  • #7866 - OSRS
    Request: Modify security for the account attribute screens for OSRS.  Restrict accounts based on the operator's OSRS Security flag.
    Action: Screen 882, Screen 011 and other screens were modified to include this change.

  • #8267 - OSRS / Purchasing
    Request: Add option to the PBAR242, PBAR243 and PBMR302 (purchasing reports) to pull only OSRS documents or non-OSRS documents.
    Action: Modified reports and downloads to incorporate this functionality.

  • #8315 - OSRS / Purchasing
    Request: Modify the purchasing programs to set the OSRS flag based on the Buyer and/or the OSRS Security flag.
    Action: Changed programs to use the OSRS Security flag as well as the Buyer OSRS flag and changed to only set the flag to "Y".  Never change from "Y" to "N".

  • #8320 - OSRS / FFX
    Request: Add edits so that the OSRS flag field cannot be blank on Screen 546 and Screen 511.
    Action: Modified screens to include this edit.

  • #8324 - OSRS / FFX
    Request: Add OSRS flag and Instrument Type to FFX screens and programs.
    Action: Modified Screen 503 in FFX to include OSRS flag and Instrument Type fields.

Other Action Items

  • #6515 - Payroll
    Request: Eliminate Deduct Checks for Spending Account deductions; post automated entries.
    Action: Screen 837 was modified to accept an account for Flexible Spending Account and Account Control.  The FBPR091 report was modified to complete this change.

  • #8017 - Financial Accounting Processing
    Request: Create a report of the records that are rejected by the FBDU010 program.  This will aid in determining posting that needs to occur when items reject during the Concur process.
    Action: Created a new report to display information about the rejected items coming out of the FBDU010 posting process.

  • #8086 - Data Warehouse
    Request: Add fields including SA Group to the Data Warehouse feed.
    Action: Fields added to improve Data Warehouse feed.

  • #8151 - LaserFiche / Purchasing
    Request: Requesting the integration of FAMIS and LaserFiche for the printing of Part 01 Purchase Orders and Bid documents, similar to the AG Programs process.
    Action: Added an option to print the Campus Code to the right of the document number for LaserFiche integration.

  • #8174 - Maestro
    Request: Add a Maestro web-service to feed projects to FAMIS.  During a Maestro meeting this enhancement was requested.
    Action: Created web-service to receive the project feed from Maestro.

  • #8197 - Payroll Processing
    Request: Add the TRS Surcharge Object Code "1962" to the FBPR090 processing.
    Action: Modified report.

  • #8277 - CRIS
    Request: New files are needed for the Webspace program, a part of the CRIS indirect cost process.  This data will be provided to help facilitate space survey contracted by System Offices.
    Action: The CRIS download/reporting programs were modified to provide the requested data.

  • #8282 - CIADM (BARDA)
    Request: Need the ability to distribute payroll, similar to the process used by Part 06 and Part 12.
    Action: Modified the payroll processes to accommodate the new process needed for the CIADM Payroll.

  • #8313 - Download Fields
    Request: VBMR304 - Add 2 fields to the download to assist in outstanding check reporting to Austin.  We need to be able to distinguish "Foreign" vendors.
    Action: Requested fields were added to the download.

February 27, 2013

The following Action Items have been completed:

  • #6898 - Audit/Logging
    Request: Add audit information to Screens 44, 54, and 58. Fields wanted: date, time, and user ID, similar to the audit on Screen 860 PF7.
    Action: FAMIS added logging of audit information as requested, and Screen 43 was additionally included.

  • #8111 - Vendor on Hold Interfaces
    Request: Create an interface process to upload vendor on hold information on Screen 209, so it can be sent to TINS through the normal FAMIS process.
    Action: Added a batch feed for Screen 209.

  • #8180 - CIADM (BARDA)
    Request: Need the ability to distribute payroll similarly to the process used by Part 06 and Part 12.
    Action: Modified the payroll processes to accommodate the new process needed for the CIADM payroll.

  • #8211 - SPR
    Request: Screen 114 should not allow blanks for the "PI" flag.
    Action: Modified screens to enhance edits.

  • #8238 - Payroll
    Request: TRS-CARE is no longer an amount in the TRS-SURC and needs to be reported separately on the PRTRS (FBPR08X) series reports.
    Action: Modified the FBPR08X series of reports to separate out TRS-SURC and TRS-CARE.

  • #8250 - BARDA
    Request: BARDA will now have the ability to run a correction cycle similar to TTI.
    Action: Added code to check for correction cycle and to prevent the other programs from errors when there is no correction cycle.


  • #8214 - Concur Feed
    Request: Send "City" and "State" data to Concur in order to comply with State reporting.
    Action: Modified the Concur feed programs to send the required data.

  • #8233 - Concur Report
    Request: Create new monthly report to display employees who travel on State funds and have no work city or work state in BPP.
    Action: Created FCAR203 and FCAR204 to assist with tracking this missing information in order to facilitate correction and comply with State laws.

  • #8243 - FCAR117 Modified
    Request: External VID - need the FAMIS feed to Concur for External VID to allow student vendor types to be populated into the list regardless of employment status.
    Action: Reverse the change made previously.  Modified FCAR117 to send External VIDs to Concur even if they are flagged as employees or students.

  • #8259 - Canopy Download
    Request: Add the "Acquirer Ref" (full number) to Canopy and other downloads to assist with the reconciliation process associated with Concur.
    Action: "Acquirer Ref" was added to Canopy and other downloads as requested.


  • #8081 - Citibank/OSRS
    Request: Substitute Part 26 accounts on OSRS purchasing card transactions in the Part 01 feed.
    Action: Changed the programs to pull charges from one campus so they can be posted on another campus.

  • #8213 - OSRS/FFX
    Request: Add OSRS flag and check to FFX Batch and online processes.
    Action: OSRS flags were added to FFX files to assist in identifying OSRS assets.  We also ran a fixer program to populate the flag for assets that are already on the books.


  • #8265 - Data Warehouse
    Request: Non-PO invoices are stored in the Data Warehouse without the associated SciQuest Invoice ID.  Update the FAMIS feed to the Data Warehouse to provide more information.
    Action: Added SciQuest invoice number to the voucher to be picked up by the Data Warehouse.

  • #8145 - Fields Added
    Request: Modify existing script to pull from the SQL table and store on the FAMIS PR Custom field attributes listed.
    Action: Added fields to the SciQuest integration to pull the fields needed.  Created a program to update the data that had these fields before the programming was in place.

Time and Effort

  • #8247 - Exclusion List
    Request: Add new object codes to the exclude list for the Time and Effort Reporting.
    Action: Modified the exclusion list for Time and Effort Reporting.

  • #8273 - Extracts
    Request: For the Time and Effort extracts, check the SL account for the TAMRF number if the support account is blank.
    Action: Modified the program that extracts data for Time and Effort to make this edit.

  • #8274 - Distribution
    Request: Get the Time and Effort data from FAMIS - post the Time and Effort distribution for the TAMUS System Offices.
    Action: Programming completed as requested.

January 10, 2013

The following Action Items have been completed:

Revolving and Local Funds

  • #7504 - Allow Mixed Revolving and Local Funds on Vouchers in FAMIS
    Request: Allow combination of State and Local accounts on the same voucher in FAMIS.
    Action: Multiple programs and screens were modified to accomplish this functionality.

    FAMIS programmers have completed programming which will allow vouchers to be created combining State Revolving and Local funds.  This programming change will be moved to production this weekend (January 12, 2013).

    Benefits of combining Revolving and Local vouchers include the following:

    • FAMIS will automatically combine payments to one check for each Local Bank used
    • Pay vendors in full on one check
    • Reduce number of partial payments to vendors
    • Reduce misapplied payments and other errors
    • Eliminate the need for payment scheduling
    • Reduce questions from vendors on split payments

    There are a few noticeable changes in FAMIS related to this change, and the FAMIS user manuals will be updated soon.

    • Screen 137 (Void Revolving Check) has been replaced by Screen 110 (Void Local/Revolving Check).
    • All entry that was formerly done on Screen 137 can now be done on Screen 110.  The function of Screen 110 will now allow you to void Local and Revolving checks.  Users will be redirected to Screen 110.
    • Screen 136 (Revolving Voucher Drop) has been replaced by Screen 106 (Local/Revolving Voucher Drop).
    • All entry that was formerly done on Screen 136 can now be done on Screen 106.  The function of Screen 106 will now allow you to drop a Local or Revolving voucher.  Users will be redirected to Screen 106.
    • The Fund Type field on Screen 112 for these combined vouchers will display "Mixed".


  • #7955 - FBAR141
    Request: FBAR141 - add an option for OSRS only.  Allow report to be run in account ranges.
    Action: Program was modified to include only accounts flagged OSRS when the OSRS option is selected.


  • #8219 - Transmission Error Report
    Request: Create a new report showing transmission errors from SciQuest to FAMIS on encumbrance transactions.
    Action: PQDR555 was created to report the transmission errors.

Other Action Items

  • #6910 - PIP Reporting
    Request: PBAR233 and PBAR237 - add an option that will print the PIP Code Description on a second line rather than just the first 18 characters of the description.
    Action: Modified PBAR233 and PBAR237 to provide an option to print the full PIP Code Description on a second line of the report.

  • #8200 - ACH Processing
    Request: Due to New York Stock Exchange closing because of Hurricane Sandy, we need the ability to reject all ACH transactions and not send the files to the bank.
    Action: Modified VSCU074 to reject ACHs for all System Parts based on a table setting and a date on the table.

  • #8225 - FBAR502
    Request: Modify FBAR502 to move the new AFR Fund Group field to the 00A record so production data can be copied to Training.
    Action: Modified program to move the new field so that Training Campuses could be set up for 2013.

  • #8232 - VBAR407 and VBAR409 - External VID
    : Modify VBAR407 and VBAR409 to send the FAMIS External VID instead of the FAMIS Vendor ID.
    : Modified the programs to utilize the External VID in the downloads created.

  • #8235 - Preliminary FFX
    Request: There are too many unnecessary preliminary fixed asset items being created on non-controlled documents.  Only one is needed to process the manual asset.
    Action: Modified ZNSPFXCI to create only one preliminary fixed asset for non-controlled documents.

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