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September 2009

  •  TBAR019 (FFX Extract by Class Code) - added new field for license plate number.
  •  TBAR242 (Asset Reconciliation for SPA) - added new download (similar to TBAR241 - Depreciation Reconciliation for SPA) that shows all additions/deletions/transfers in/out at the same level of detail for capital assets.

September - November 2008

  •  Added additional option for download fields to TBAR019 (FFX Extract by Class Code).
  •  Added Screen 598 - allows ability to change asset information in a prior fiscal year.

November - December 2007

  •  Screen 513 (Disposal) now allows disposal of leasehold improvement with a disposal method of "DL".

August - October 2007

  •  Added the ability to do a partial asset number search to CANOPY.

July - August 2007

  •  Added UIN/Name to TBAR030. Also added the ability to sort by Name.
  •  The sort was changed on TBAR051 to "dept, sub dept, asset number".

June - July 2007

  •  The License Field has been enlarged to 8 characters to accommodate TX Department of Safety 7-digit plate number plus a dash.

September - October 2006

  •  Screen 543 (Building Room Nbr Table) - The "Building" description now displays the second line.
  •  Screen 537 (Asset Search by Attribute) - Search by "Manufacturer" and "User Group Code" have been added to this screen.
  •  TBAR019 Option - A new option was added that will show all fund sequences for an asset. "Component" was also added to the sort.
  •  TBAR241 - FAMIS has developed a new requestable report called the TBAR241. It lists all of the columns similar to the N-2 from the AFR with Beginning Balance, Additions, Deletions, Transfers, and Ending Balance. However, it is only looking at FFX and specifically anything that hits Account Control ‘1780’.

    Any FRS journal entries will not be reflected in this report. It only creates a download file that can be found at the following on the mainframe:

    K7nnFA.DOWNLOAD.TBAR241.Pnn (where nn is your specific part number)

April 2006

  •  Screen 503:
    • Added Sponsor Name when a valid SPR Sponsor Number exists.
    • Ability to enter PL Local or State as Fund Source was added.
    • PF2 (or ?) brings up a list of valid responses for SPR Sponsor Number.
  •  Screens 505/519/535:
    • User UIN field added to show who is actually assigned use for a piece of equipment.
    • PF2 (or ?) brings up a search screen for searching by name or UIN.
  •  Screen 515 - Added ability to enter PL Local or State as Fund Source.
  •  Screen 528 - Added entity security to restrict viewing by entity.
  •  Screen 532/534 - Since the original intent of the screen was for departmental people, it only shows asset level information. Originally, the Entire Connection download (PF9 Download key) had component information. Now a prompt will ask if the user wants to see components (default is "N").
  •  Screen 537:
    • Now has the ability to search by Model Number, License Plate Number, User UIN, or Sponsor Number.
    • PF2 (or ?) brings up the valid values to search by.
  •  TBAR019 - Download file Long Form Only -- User UIN is the last field on the download (9 characters).

February 2006

  •  Screen 543 - The second line of the building name is now displayed.
  •  Screens 581 - 585 - now have the ability to download directly to Excel using Entire Connection.
  •  Screen 513 - allows disposal of a capital and depreciable asset with $0 Total Cost.