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October 6, 2011

  • FFX in Data Warehouse
    Work has been completed to populate the data from FAMIS FFX into the Data Warehouse. If you experience any difficulties accessing the new data, contact datawarehouse@tamu.edu.

August 2011

  • As discussed in the recent TTVN, SPA is no longer requiring the daily feeds of Fixed Asset data. FAMIS will continue sending the data for a short time; however, it is not being loaded into SPA.

October - November 2010

  • Action #7429 - Screen 515 has been modified to allow a reduction in value for transferred assets if a SPA batch is used.
  • Action #7562 - TBDU020 has been modified to include the Component Number in one of the REF fields to allow for quicker review of depreciation postings.

September 2010

  • GASB 51 - modifications were made to calculate and create amortization entries for Intangible assets. 
  • Fields were added to the Asset Extract to enhance the Data Warehouse feed.
  • Screen 542 – we have added the asset acquisition date on this screen to improve efficiencies in the asset transfer process.

May 2010

  • TBDU065 (Accounts Payable Asset Extract) - Modified program to fill the Acquisition and In-Service Dates with the Voucher Check Date if the fields are not populated on Screen 362 in FAMIS.
  • Screens 511 and 516 - Modified these screens to disallow class codes that result in a different AFR Category on components of a single asset.

March 2010

  • Screen 542 (Building Segment Inquiry) - Added the ability to view all assets by Building Segment (A=Approved & D=Disposed).

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