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Additional information regarding searching the database can be found by pressing the Help button on the Report Search web page.


  • For a list of all the reports, leave all the fields blank and press FIND. To clear all the fields to begin a new search, press RESET.

  • An entire word or portion of a word can be entered in any of the fields. Any combination of fields can be used to search for reports. If multiple fields are entered, all the entered fields will be used to search for reports. The result will only include reports that contain ALL of the search fields.

  • If SL is entered in the title field and FIND is pressed, a listing of all reports that include SL as part of the title as well as reports that have words with SL in them such as legiSLature will be displayed.

  • The search is not case sensitive. When searching for words which are commonly abbreviated, try using the long name for the word. (i.e. dept - department)


Desired ResultFill in the following fields and press FIND
All reports Leave all fields blank
All reports sorted by dept Must be run twice:
1) sort: dept
2) parameter value: dept
All FBAR reports that contain GL in the title name: FBAR
title: GL