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The report request form has been designed to assist FAMIS users with their search for reports and to allow users to request reports on-line. Our intention is to make all requestable or processing report information available on the web. We are currently updating information for all FAMIS reports in order to assist users in their search.


For a list of all the reports, leave all the fields blank and press FIND. To clear all the fields to begin another search, press RESET.

An entire word or portion of a word can be entered in any of the fields. Any combination of fields can be used to search for reports. If multiple fields are entered, all the entered fields will be used to search for reports. The result will only include reports that contain ALL of the search fields.

The search is not case sensitive. If "expense" is entered in the description field, the search will find reports with "EXPENSE", "Expense", and "expense" in the description field.

If "SL" is entered in the Title/Desc/Purpose field and FIND is pressed, a listing of all reports that include "SL" as part of the title, description or purpose will be listed. Also included will be reports that have words with "SL" in them such as legiSLature.

When searching for words that are commonly abbreviated, try using the long name for the word. (i.e. dept - department)


Desired ResultFill in the following fields and press FIND
All reports Leave all fields blank
All TBAR reports Report Name: TBAR
All FBAR reports that contain GL in the title Report Name: FBAR
Title/Desc/Purpose: GL
All reports sorted by department Must perform 2 separate searches for a complete list:
1) Sort: department
2) Parameter: department
Listing of personal property on inventory by class code Try several keyword searches using individual words, such as personal, property, inventory, class, etc. Also try putting the same words in the Title/Desc/Purpose, Sort or Display Field boxes.


Field Explanations

The following explains how the individual search fields on the form are used. Most of the data used in the search can be seen on the Detail web page.

Report Name searches for part or all of the report name.

Keyword searches the reports database for keywords entered by FAMIS team members to help identify the programs.

Title/Desc/Purpose searches for the specified letters or words in the Title, Description and Purpose fields. If more than one word is entered, the fields will be searched for the exact word stream. (i.e. "YTD Expenditures" will search for the entire phrase and not "YTD" or "expenditures" separately.)

Sort searches the sort options. If more than one sort field is entered, a comma must separate them. Also, the order is important since the search is looking for an exact match. (i.e. "department, account" - will only search for these two words and in the order specified. Thus, it will not find any reports sorted by "department, subdepartment, account".)

Display Field searches the specified letters or words in the column titles of the report. Words that are shortened on the report should be written out here.

Parameter searches both the Parameters and Valid Value fields for a match.

Prodcard searches for reports which require a prodcard.

Download searches for reports that produce a download file for FAMIS users.

Extract searches for reports that require an extract to be run first.

Direct Request

The Direct Request section allows users to request a report where the report name is known and there is no need for a search. The full report name must be entered.

TMASS (Authorized Requestors Only)

The TMASS request form enables authorized requestors to submit changes to department, subdepartment, custodian number, campus code, building and room number. NOTE: Only authorized requestors may use this request form. FAMIS Production Services will verify that the requestor is authorized to make the requested changes.