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FAMIS Services Holidays

Our offices will be closed from 5:00 P.M. on December 21, 2012 through January 1, 2013, and will reopen at 8:00 A.M. on January 2, 2013.

FAMIS Password

If you forget your FAMIS password, or need to have it reset, contact your FAMIS Security Administrator.

1099 Reporting - 2012

Please send any 1099 Distibution List updates to so we can make sure the list is correct for January reporting.  If you are sending an addition or change to your contact, please forward the necessary contact information so that we may verify that our records are accurate.  Please include contact, telephone, mail address and e-mail address to be included on the printed forms.

The official extract and upload to the 1099 edit screens will be done on January 3, 2013. You will have access to the edit screens from January 4 through January 24. We will print the 1099s on January 25, allowing time to deliver and prepare for mailing by January 31 in order to comply with Federal requirements. When that is complete we will reopen the edit screens for further edits to the 1099 records.

Remember that any changes made after we print the form must be manually typed and sent to the recipient.

After the final date for edits on March 22, 2013, we will extract and send the 1099 information to the IRS electronically.

PIPs (Purchasing Invoice Problems)

Use the available FAMIS PIP screens to help you locate purchasing documents that have purchasing invoice problems (PIPs).

Screen 292 - PIP Document Tracking Inquiry
This screen is used to view and select PIP documents in PIP document number order.

Screen 293 - PIP Browse by Document
Use this screen to view and select all PIPs for a specific document.

Screen 294 - PIP Browse by Invoice
Useful when you need to view and select invoices by invoice number for any documents that have had PIPs.


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Please do not send E-Mail directly to our staff members. If a staff member is out of the office you may not get an answer to your E-Mail until they return. Contacting FAMISHELP will ensure that your message is read and that you will get a response.

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