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FAMIS Screens Lists and Screen Cards

You can now print out a tri-fold layout list of all FAMIS screens, or use the links available to view a list of FAMIS screens by module online.  On our FAMIS home web page, click on FAMIS Manuals and the links for the screen cards and online lists are located in the lower right column.

Many users have found these screen cards a useful resource when they need to know where to go in FAMIS to find specific information about their accounts and transactions.


Check the FRS Updates web page to learn about programming changes made to FAMIS screens, programs and reports, as well as changes made to CANOPY and Concur.  Our programming staff members have been busy this year!

Vendor ID Numbers and Social Security Numbers

Please be careful when you send e-mail questions to FAMISHELP that include FAMIS screen shots displaying a vendor ID number or Social Security number.  If these are shown on the screen capture, block the number out or type XXXs over these numbers before sending the email message.  DO NOT SEND SSN NUMBERS IN AN EMAIL MESSAGE.

An easy way to send a screen capture from a FAMIS screen is to click on "File", select "Send Screen" and the screen capture will open in a blank e-mail message.  If data needs to be protected, you can then type over the vendor ID number or SSN before adding your question and sending the e-mail message.


  • "I just tried the new Concur log out process and I love it!"
  • "Thank you for your quick response!  I appreciate your assistance."
  • "Thank you for taking care of this so quickly!"
  • "WOOHOO!!!  Thank you everyone...I couldn't figure it out myself.  You all are AWESOME!!!"
  • "Who is the most amazing programmer ever?  Wow...thank you, thank you, thank you."

  • "Information presented in a way that was very understandable and helpful."
  • "Great workshop!"
  • "Melissa did an excellent job presenting.  Thank you for explaining everything on our level, not on a technical level."
  • "The presentation and delivery was awesome!! The presenters were very knowledgeable and took time to answer questions. FAMIS Services Rocks!"
  • "We really liked the personal Security Training. Many topics were covered in detail and it gave me a greater understanding of the entire process. Great job Melissa!"
  • "Very valuable information - easy to follow."
  • "Melissa is a very good presenter - thorough and patient."

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FAMIS Office Location (As of 12/12/2011)

John B. Connally Building
301 Tarrow Street
College Station, TX 77840-7896


(Mail Stop 1144)

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User Manuals

The following manuals and guides have been recently updated:

Year-End 7.5

To view the most current version of a user manual, click on the "FAMIS Manuals" link on the navigation menu and login using your FAMIS UserID. Our user manuals are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and text version.

Need Help?

Using the FAMISHELP contact form can save time and long distance charges. It also allows the person on HOTLINE to research your question/problem and provide you with a more specific answer.

Please do not send E-Mail directly to our staff members. If a staff member is out of the office you may not get an answer to your E-Mail until they return. Contacting FAMISHELP will ensure that your message is read and that you will get a response.

Help Line: (979) 458-6464
FAX: (979) 458-6455

Phone: (979) 458-6470
FAX: (979) 458-6455
E-Mail FAMIS Production

Other Contacts

Security Administrator
Using FAMIS Screens:
User Representative

User Representative
FAMIS Reports:
FAMIS Production Services
FAMIS Assistance:
FAMIS Help Line
(979) 458-6464
Connecting to FAMIS:
Your Network Administrator
Entire Connection:
Purchase - contact SELL
Technical Help:
After 5pm and on weekends call
TAMU's HelpDesk Central
(979) 845-8300 if you experience problems with FAMIS system or database.

NOTE:  TAMU CIS performs maintenance on Sunday mornings -- FAMIS may be unavailable until Noon.

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