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FAMIS User Manuals

The majority of our FAMIS User Manuals have been updated to a new format that includes color and graphics to improve readability.  We encourage you to use the manuals on the web to take advantage of the new format elements, and to also use the bookmarks and search features available in the PDF format.

If you have a color printer, you might want to change the printer setting to use the "grayscale" option before you print a copy of the new manuals.

The new format also enabled us to reduce the number of pages in our user manuals, which will save you money when you print copies for your office staff.

FAMIS Projects

This is a busy time for FAMIS Services staff members.  We have several large projects in process:  CONCUR implementation, 3% Withholding for IRS reporting, CitiBank PROCARD and Travel Card conversion.

Changes in BCS Office Locations

We recently completed a re-arrangement of offices in the System Building.  When you visit the A&M System Building you might not find the BCS employees in the same office that they occupied when you last visited them.  All BCS employees are now located on the 2nd floor, but we occupy not only the previous offices, but also the space occupied in the past by Budgets and Accounting.  It is anticipated that the phone numbers will remain the same.

Kudos From Our Users

  • "Everything looks perfect.  Thanks for getting this done so quickly."
  • "Your explanation was great and very helpful.  I learned something about FAMIS.  Thanks for your help!"
  • "Your information was so helpful!  Thanks a million!"
  • "Thanks for the quick response!  I appreciate it."
  • "I LOVE the new manuals...so easy to read, lots of hard work went into these, and I wanted you to know they are very much appreciated!"

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User Manuals

The following updated manuals and guides are now available for viewing and printing:

(Most have been updated to new format)  

To view the most current version of a user manual, click on the "FAMIS Manuals" link on the navigation menu and login using your FAMIS UserID. Our user manuals are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and text version.

Need Help?

Using the FAMISHELP contact form can save time and long distance charges. It also allows the person on HOTLINE to research your question/problem and provide you with a more specific answer.

Please do not send E-Mail directly to our staff members. If a staff member is out of the office you may not get an answer to your E-Mail until they return. Contacting FAMISHELP will ensure that your message is read and that you will get a response.

Help Line: (979) 458-6464
FAX: (979) 458-6455

Phone: (979) 458-6470
FAX: (979) 458-6455
E-Mail FAMIS Production

Other Contacts

Security Administrator
Using FAMIS Screens:
User Representative

User Representative
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FAMIS Production Services
FAMIS Assistance:
FAMIS Help Line
(979) 458-6464
Connecting to FAMIS:
Your Network Administrator
Entire Connection:
Purchase - contact SELL
Technical Help:
After 5pm and on weekends call
TAMU's HelpDesk Central
(979) 845-8300 if you experience problems with FAMIS system or database.

NOTE:  TAMU CIS performs maintenance on Sunday mornings -- FAMIS may be unavailable until Noon.

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