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Host Explorer (Hummingbird) for MAC Computers

If you need help with the installation, settings, or configuration to access FAMIS screens on your MAC computer, contact Help Desk Central at A&M (979-845-8300). Let them know you need help with the setup, not help with FAMIS.

FAMIS Production Daily Turnover Report

If someone at your campus does not receive the Daily Turnover Report, and needs it, you can contact FAMIS Production Services  to have them add your name to their distribution list. This report is helpful when determining problems with nightly processing, or to confirm that production processing completed successfully.

FAMIS Error Reports

FAMIS processing has several reports that should be reviewed each day by someone at your campus to ensure that corrections are made promptly and to troubleshoot any problems that may have occurred during data processing. For example, the following 3 reports should be reviewed for errors:

  • PU510 - Review this report each day. If you see any items on this error report related to PINS that are paid by your office, please make the appropriate corrections. Failure to correct these problems will result in funds not being correctly encumbered in FAMIS. Also, making these corrections will cut down the number of items "going to suspense" when your payroll posts to FAMIS.
  • IBDU010 - Review this report for any errors that occur during the batch processing that is run when invoices are loaded from the SPR module and posted into the FRS module.
  • FBDU010 - Check this report for errors after each payroll posts, for example.

FAMIS Routing Report - ZBAR873

The ZBAR873 routing report has been created to show the electronic office and all the views in the office. It also shows the dept/sdepts that are assigned to each office.

Each path is printed and appears like the paths on the online screens. If an "A" is displayed next to a desk name, it is an "approver" desk. If an "I" is displayed next to a desk, it is an "information only" desk. Below each desk are the names of the people assigned to the desk. If an "S" is displayed next to a name, it indicates a "substitute."

This report is available as a download and a printed report. It is a large report, so if you need a paper copy we would suggest sending it to INFOVIEW/DDRINT and then selecting what you would like to print.

When requesting the report, use the "Comments" section of the form to include the names of people who should have access to it through DDRINT.


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Please do not send E-Mail directly to our staff members. If a staff member is out of the office you may not get an answer to your E-Mail until they return. Contacting FAMISHELP will ensure that your message is read and that you will get a response.

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