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When to Use the Form (Examples)

The following is a list of some of the uses of this form:

  • Changes to a table in FAMIS - example, Screen 806 add new object code

    • Account Control / Object Code
      To include an existing code on your campus table, please use the form below. You may review existing codes on the FAMIS Master Table (visible on Screen 806) or the A&M System Account Controls and Object Codes. To have a new code created, please use the SAGO Code Form.

  • A request for new functionality not already existing - new screen, report, or process
  • Changes to screen layouts - example, want a new field on a screen
  • Changes to programs - example, add a calculation to an existing program
  • Changes to reports - example, add SAs to an existing report

Any change / enhancements that are received without being
on this form will be returned to the requestor.

How to Use the Form

When you click on the "Change / Enhance" request form link for the first time, you will need to login with your FAMIS User ID to access our request forms. If you choose to fill in the other fields on this login form, future visits to the request forms will have that information prefilled for you. However, if you clear out your browser cookies this information will be lost and you will need to login again the next time you want to access the forms.

If you need to send attachments or additional information for the Change / Enhancement request, please send it in a separate e-mail message.  Include a note in the Description field that a separate e-mail will be sent.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or difficulty when using this form.

Phone: (979) 458-6464

Form Fields

The form begins with the usual information that is needed such as part number, name (first and last), e-mail, and phone number. Please note:

  • If you are not an authorized approver, you will be asked to select a name from a drop down list at the top of the verification web page (page 2). The change / enhancement request will then be sent by e-mail to an approver at your agency before the change can be processed by FAMIS Services. If approved, the authorized person will forward the email request to FAMISHELP. (The names of your "authorized requestors" were either submitted by your agency or if none were named, appointed by FAMIS Services. Changes or additions may be made by contacting FAMISHELP.

  • For the remaining form fields listed below, provide all the information needed to process the change.

  • All but the last two fields are required.

  • Please do not use quotes in the typed text.

User Ref
Enter your own unique identifier.

User Due Date (Required)
Click on the calendar icon button to select a date from the pop-up calendar, or enter a date in the mm/dd/yyyy format. This date lets us know when you would like or need to have the change made.

Work Type (Required)
Select the type of request: New, Change, Add Field, Table Update. Identify whether this is a new request, a change that needs to be made, whether a field needs to be added to a report, or if a table needs to be updated.

Rank (Required)
Rank your request from 01 to 99 so that we will know which items are the most important to you. This will help us to prioritize the turnaround time needed to complete this request.

Description of Request and Other Instructions (Required)
Describe the change needed. If the change request is for more than one TAMUS Part, include the Part numbers. You do not need to submit separate requests for each Part. Include all instructions and information needed to describe the change.

If you need to send an attachment or additional information, include a note that a separate e-mail message will be sent in addition to this form, and provide the attachment or further instructions in a separate e-mail message to FAMIS Services.

Purpose for Request (Required)
Let us know the purpose of your request, and why you feel the change is needed. This gives us an idea of your intent so that we understand how it fits into existing functions in FAMIS.

Sort Order for Report
Identify the way you want a report sorted.

Fields to Display for Report
If the change request is for a report layout, tell us what fields you want to see displayed.

Press the "Continue" button to go to page 2, verify the information to be sent, and submit the request to FAMIS Services.

Verification Web Page (Page 2)
The information you included on the form will be displayed on the verification page. Check to make sure you have entered all the fields correctly and that you have included all the information needed to process the request.

If you are NOT an authorized requestor, you will need to select an approver's name for your agency from the drop down box available.

If you are authorized to approve change / enhancement requests and are asked to select a person from the drop down list at the top of the page, chances are your name, e-mail address or part number was entered incorrectly on the form. This information must match what we have stored on our database. Use your browser's BACK button to return to the first page of the form and correct any errors.

After you have verified the information to be sent, click on the "Send to FAMIS Services" button.