Gardners honor chancellor's work with parting gift »

Research expenditures within The Texas A&M University System grew to more than $772 million under Chancellor Mike McKinney’s leadership. Tina and Paul Gardner supported the chancellor every step of the way, and recently recognized his efforts during his retirement reception with a parting gift.

McKinney and his wife Lou Ann were praised for their efforts in moving Texas A&M University closer to the goal of being included among the nation’s top 10 in research expenditures through a collaboration between the Texas A&M System and the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, one of the world’s top ranking multidisciplinary research institutions. The partnership between the two institutions was the brain child of the Gardners. Their dream has long been to see the two loves of their lives working together to advance science, while continuing to make significant contributions to research.

Their donations to the program have reached $300,000, the amount needed to establish a single collaborative research team that will be created between the Institute and the A&M System. In honor of the service and dedication the McKinneys have shown to expanding A&M System research programs for the benefit of current and future generations, the research team established by the Gardners will be named the Dr. Michael and Lou Ann McKinney Collaborative Research Team. The goal is to raise enough funding to support the partnership before collaboration begins.

The Weizmann Institute engages in research addressing crucial problems in medicine and health, energy, technology, agriculture, and the environment. The discoveries and theories of Weizmann scientists have had a major impact on the wider scientific community, as well as the quality of life of millions of people worldwide