From the Chairs »

Greetings, Fellow Council Members

We can liken the last two years to a ride on a jet plane — swift, mostly calm and rewarding. We enjoyed the ride,  being your chairmen, and thank you for letting us have that role.

Through your membership dues, the chancellor has  been able to do many things for the betterment of The Texas A&M University System schools, above and beyond  budgetary allowances. More important was your involvement in the council, as it  shows your support for making sure opportunities are available for a superior system of 11 universities. You are the tide that can help to raise all boats.

During our tenure, two schools were visited for our annual gathering. Those who  were able to attend will attest that we all learned a great deal about the shining  stars at both West Texas A&M University in Canyon and Tarleton State University in  Stephenville. The enthusiasm and school support exhibited by the students warmed  the cockles of our hearts because the future shone in their eyes and what we saw was good and reassuring about the future of our state and nation! We were shown  glimpses of the special programs, such as the fabulous broadcasting school at  WTAMU and the exciting advances in the agricultural programs at Tarleton.

Each of us would like to see into the future — or not. Just being in the presence  of the A&M System students, no matter where they are, is an exciting adventure. Their dress, their mannerisms, their excitement about events we take for granted, the freshness of ideas, the acceptance of the educational opportunities they have, and their interest in helping others is deeply heartening. Having them in caring environments for their preparation for the “real world” is so very important. The A&M System works toward those ends and we are so grateful that you chose to be a part of the excitement.

Look around you and share that opportunity with others so that our small voices can become a crescendo of voices helping the chancellor provide the very best of opportunities for the students. Be a part of providing the best leadership for the future.