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Texas Leaders Joining Texas Education

The Chancellor's Century Council seeks members who are interested in the future of Texas higher education. An educated citizenry is the future of our state and the A&M System is committed to ensuring that all students receive a quality education. Council membership is not limited to Texans, nor is it limited to college graduates or graduates of A&M System institutions. Membership in the Council is an opportunity that cannot be matched. Leadership and service opportunities provided by the Council are the heart of The Texas A&M University System mission. You are cordially invited to join the family that makes up the Chancellor's Century Council and see what a difference your efforts can make.



Nancy and Brad Allen
Stephenville, Texas 

Vice Chairs—Region I

Beverly and John Landgraf
Odessa, Texas   

Vice Chairs – Region II

Fran and Bill Carter
Dallas, Texas 

Vice Chairs—Region III

Ellen and Rod Thornton
College Station, Texas   

Vice Chairs—Region IV

Thetis and Lloyd Neal, Jr.
Corpus Christi, Texas  

Vice Chairs—Region V                          

Barbara and Paul Kruse
Brenham, Texas   

Vice Chairs—At Large

Kamal Ariss
Houston, Texas

Tina and Paul Gardner
College Station, Texas  

Benny Lockett
Houston, Texas

Kathy and Don Mauro
Austin, Texas 

Immediate Past Chairs

Sonja and Neal Adams
Euless, Texas  

Regional Roster Spring 2012


Region I

Abilene, Amarillo, Arlington, Canyon, Fort Worth, Midland, Odessa, Stephenville

Sonja and Neal Adams (Euless)
Nancy and Brad Allen (Stephenville)
Jan and Billy G. Berny (Abilene)
Frances and Jack Brown (Midland)
Betsy and Jim Chambers (Stephenville)
Barbara and Ralph Cox (Ft. Worth)
Lisette and Dominic Dottavio (Stephenville)
Mary Ann and Paul Engler (Amarillo)
Rhonda and Frosty Gilliam, Jr. (Odessa)
Judy and Weldon Jaynes (Arlington)
Alice and Charles M. Kitchell (Abilene)
Beverly and John Landgraf (Odessa)
Donna and Gerald Lemons (Ft. Worth)
Tomi and Joe Lenamon (Ft. Worth)
Anonymous Donor (Amarillo)
Barbara McKnight (Stephenville)
Ed Melson (Abilene)
Suzanne and John T. Meyers (Morgan Mill)
Paula and Gary Moore (Amarillo)
Karen and Pat O'Brien (Canyon)
Pat and Glen Parkey (Amarillo)
Helen Piehl (Amarillo)
Anne and Tommy Potthoff (Fort Worth)
Angela and Bill Ramey (North Richland Hills)
Melanie and Rick Richardson (Stephenville)
Nancy and Tom Rodman (Odessa)
Roz Rosenthal (Ft. Worth)
Geneva and Stanley Schaeffer (Happy)

Region II

Commerce, Dallas, Sulphur Springs, Texarkana, Tyler

Anita and Truman Arnold (Texarkana)
Deborah and Buddie Barnes (Dallas)
Betty and William Bowie (Dallas)
Fran and Bill Carter (Dallas)
Sharon and Mike Donegan (Rockwall)
Janet and Danny Duncan (Commerce)
Sandee and Dan Edelman (Commerce)
Bill Evans (Dallas)
Rebecca and Ronald Gafford (Dallas)
Kay and Philip Goodwin (Lufkin)
Jonathan Hill (Flint)
Betty and Joe Hinton (Crawford)
Jency and Kent Holbert (Commerce)
Sydney Huffines (Dallas)
Patsy and Coy Johnson (Sulphur Springs)
Jalinna and Dan Jones (Commerce)
Carrie and Kelly Jones (Dallas)
Ann and Hoyle Julian (Klondike)
Jo and Donald Keprta (Plano)
Sharon and Larry Lemanski (Commerce)
Helen Linskie (Dallas)**
Terri and Richard Lottmann (Tyler)
Nancy and Jack Matz (McKinney)
Lynda and Dwain Mayfield (Weatherford)
Lee Ann and Buddy McCulloch (Texarkana)
Belva and Ken Meline (Southlake)
Leslie and Jim Melson (Dallas)
Carolyn and Ed Moerbe (Dallas)
Judy and Jim Morgan (Texarkana)
Debi and Mike Moses (Dallas)
Alice and Erle Nye (Dallas)
Ellen and Ted Oats (Commerce)
Jeanenne and Michael Oglesby (Rockwall)
Jacqueline and Fred Orr (DeSoto)
Stacey and Gerry Ridgely, Jr. (Dallas)
June Scruggs (Hubbard)**
Janelle and Robert Shepard (Weatherford)
Philip Skrobarczyk (Corpus Christi)
Jenny and Doug Sloan (Bullard)
Karen and Mark Stiles (Italy)
Donna Beth and Jim Thompson (Kaufman)
Kenneth W. Threlkeld (Tyler)
Dixie Turman and Bob Stachowiak (Commerce)
Karen and Jim Wiley, Jr. (Dallas)|
Harriet and Wyman Williams (Commerce)

Region III

Austin, Bryan, College Station, Killeen, Temple

Donna and Don Adam (College Station)
Phil Adams (Bryan)
Gloria and Perry Adkisson (College Station)**
Melba and Lavon Anderson (College Station)
William Bayless (Austin)
Joyce and Dick Birdwell (College Station)
Suzanne and Randall Birdwell (Bryan)
Amy and Larry Bloomquist (Austin)
Michelle and Ray Bonilla (College Station)
Trina and John Braun (Austin)
Sarah and John Buckley (Bryan)
Sally and Phillip Condra (Austin)
Fan and Don Cloud (College Station)
Margo and Chris Dailey (College Station)
Susan and Julius Eickenhorst (Austin)
Tedi and Chuck Ellison (College Station)
Lu Ann Ervin (Waco)
Carole and George Faulkner (College Station)
Gina and Bill Flores (College Station)
Peter Mora and Trisha Fortune (Dripping Springs)
Gina and Wayne T. Franke (Austin)
Julia and David Gardner (College Station)
Tina and Paul Gardner (College Station)
Rhonda and Ronnie Gidley (Bryan)
Jill and Brett Giroir (College Station)
Kay and Dennis H. Goehring (Bryan)
Charles Graham (Elgin)
Nelda and Harry Green (College Station)
Sandra and Jerry Griffith (College Station)
Susan and Clint Hackney (Austin)
Celia and Bill Haddock (College Station)
Becky and James Hallmark (College Station)
Peggy Harrison (Bryan)**
Tommie and Arnold Hayes (College Station)
Elizabeth and Fred Heldenfels IV (Austin)
Donna and David Inman (Dripping Springs)
Nora Janjan and Jack Calvin (Navasota)
Jenny and William Johnson (Austin)
Patsy and Warren Kirksey (Lockhart)
Barbara and Arno Krebs (Bryan)
Karen and Leslie Liere (Bryan)
Carolyn Lohman (College Station)
Molly and Miles Marks (College Station)
Kathy and Don B. Mauro (Austin)
Cristina and Garry Mauro (Austin)
Lou Ann and Michael D. McKinney (Bryan)**
Becky and Dat Nguyen (Bryan)
Lynn and Marc Nigliazzo (Harker Heights)
Roy Perry (Austin)
Phyllis and Wayne Prescott (Austin)
Lou and Henry Presnal (Bryan)
Debbie and Randy Rehmann (Austin)
Elaine and Andy Restivo (Bryan/Waco)
Kay and Britt Rice (College Station)
Barbara and Herb Richardson (Bryan)**
Robyn and Alan Roberts (Giddings)
Phyllis and Arthur Mitch Robertson (College Station)
Stephanie and Todd Routh (Austin)
Beth and Jim Sartwelle, III (Waco)
Randy and Stan Schlueter (Austin)
Tina and Michael Slack (Austin)
Mary Katherine and Stephen Stout (Austin)
Sandra and Barry Thompson (Centerville)**
Ellen and Rod Thornton (College Station)
Annette and Tom Wallis (College Station)
Phoebe Watts (College Station)
Finis Welch (Bryan)
Wells Fargo Bank (Bryan)
Cindy and Brad Wiewel (Austin)
Bonna and Matt Williamson (Austin)

Region IV  

Corpus Christi, Kingsville, Laredo, San Antonio, Victoria

Nancy and Randy Blair (Laredo)
Mary Jo and Clif Bolner (San Antonio)
Mary Pat and Michael Bolner (San Antonio)
Kay and Bill Cauthorn (Del Rio)
Hilda and Bill Finck (San Antonio)
Fran and Joe R. Fulton (Corpus Christi)
Mindy and Michael Guerra (McAllen)
Patty and Ray Hannigan (San Antonio)
 “George” and Joe Henkel (Kingsville)
Laura and Greg Houston (San Antonio)
Pam and Bob Jones (San Antonio)
Patricia and Ray Keck (Laredo)
Sue Killam (Laredo)
Bonnie and John Korbell (San Antonio)
Michael Lackey (San Antonio)
Chai Ok and Woo Sung Lee (Corpus Christi)
Dan Leyendecker (Corpus Christi)
Vicki and Paul Loeffler (Corpus Christi)
Lowry Mays (San Antonio)
Mary Carroll and Kerry McCan (Victoria)
Patty and Joe Mueller (Corpus Christi)
Henry Muñoz (San Antonio)
Thetis and Loyd Neal, Jr. (Corpus Christi)
Trisha and Chaz Neely (San Antonio)
Marti and Carl Raba, Jr. (San Antonio)
Patricia and Renato Ramirez (Zapata)
Laurie and Terry Ray (Brownsville)
Cappy and Charles Rodriguez (San Antonio)
Anabel and Fidel Rodriguez (San Antonio)
Nancy and Mike Shaw (San Antonio)
Reba Showers (McAllen)
Dee and Ted M. Stephens (Corpus Christi)
Karen and Steve Tallant (Kingsville)
Mari and Richard Tamez (San Antonio)
Cathy and Clifton L. Thomas (Victoria)
Tammy and Guillermo Trevino (Laredo)
Jean Claire Turcotte (Kingsville)
Yma and Eugene C. Urban, Jr. (Corpus Christi)
Olga and Jorge Verduzco (Laredo)
Carri and Tullos Wells (San Antonio)
Karla and Jeff Wentworth (San Antonio)
Patsy and C.C. Winn (Corpus Christi)
Patricia and Charles Wiseman (San Antonio)

Region V

Brenham, Galveston, Houston, Humble, Montgomery, Sugar Land, The Woodlands

Judy and Robert Allen (Houston)
Sabrina and Mike Altman (Brenham)
Kamal Ariss (Houston)
Barbara and Dionel Avilés (Houston)
Julie and Les Chipman (Houston)
Vicki and Don K. Clark (Houston)
Barbara and Dan Clinton, Jr. (Houston)
Page and Gregory Cokinos (Houston)
Jean and Allen B. Cunningham (Houston)
Jim Drew (Houston)
David Eller (Houston)
Ellen and Jim Ellison (Brenham)
Patricia and Terry Finkbiner (Montgomery)
Linda and Joe Fowler (Houston)
Claudia and Brad Freels (Houston)
Carolyn and Steven Fyke (Houston)
Shay and Michael Goudeau (Hungerford)
Suzanne and John Hatcher (Houston)
Barbara and Ben Hinds (Houston)
Nina and Mike Hopkins (Brenham)
Catherine and William Jenkins (Houston)
Julie and George Jordan, Jr. (Houston)
Beverly and Bill Krell, Jr. (Houston)
Verlin and Howard Kruse (Brenham)
Barbara and Paul Kruse (Brenham)
Sara and John Lindsey (Houston)
Benny Lockett (Houston)
Bill Lyons, Jr. (Texas City)
Kevin Matocha (Sugar Land)
Bettie and Charlie Mattei (The Woodlands)
Eddie Mattei (Houston)
Robin and James McGregor (Houston)
George Mitchell (The Woodlands)**
Frank Muller, Jr. (Jamaica Beach–Galveston)
Jan and Terrell Mullins (Hallettsville)
Mike Najar (Houston)
Audrey and James K.B. Nelson (Houston)
Melanie and Billie Don O’Neal (Houston)
Kathy and Tommy Orr (Houston)
Jere Pederson (Galveston)
Stephanie and Jim Russ (Houston)
Mary Sue and Bob Smith, III (Galveston)
Jean and Charlie Smith (Sugar Land)
Shirley and Joe Swinbank (Houston)
Kalynn and Reagan Swinbank (Houston)
Ada and Larry Till (Brenham)
Susan and Sam Torn (Houston)
Barbara and Mike Trotter (Houston)
Marsha and Tommy Williams (The Woodlands)
Kathy and Ron Wilson (The Woodlands)

Members-at-Large, Outside the State of Texas

Cynthia and Jarrell Gibbs (Hot Springs, Arkansas)
Marjorie and Bill Mobley (Shanghai, China)**
Yolanda and Leon Turner (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
Shariq Yosufzai (Oakland, California)


(Bolded Names – Executive Committee Members)

**Honorary Membership