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Below is processing information pertaining to when and why Payroll Deductions are taken.  Please see the chart below as a quick reference for each deduction code’s description.

Payroll Deduction Table

Criteria for Taking Deductions on a Payroll

Parking Deduction

Deduction Code Deduction Description
ADD Accidental Death and Dismemberment
ANU/DCP Tax Shelter Annuity/Deferred Compensation Program
BL Basic Life
BNKR Bankruptcy Deduction
CHAR Charitable Organization - SECC
CHE Charitable Organization - Higher Education
COD Court Ordered Deduction
CSRS Civil Service Retirement System
CU, CUAF Credit Union, Credit Union Administration Fees
DCP Deferred Compensation Plan
DCPL Deferred Compensation Plan Loan
DCPR Deferred Compensation Plan ROTH
DEN Dental Insurance
DL Dependent Life Insurance
EIC Earned Income Credit (not a deduction but tax credit)
EMOL Emolument
ENGL English Language Proficiency
EORG Employee Organization Dues
EPP Extended Pay Plan
FIA, FIB, FIC, FIM, & FIR Federal Life Insurance - Option A, B, C, Medicare, & Regular respectively
FIT Federal Income Tax
F673 FIT Exemption Tax
HL-T PreTax Health Premium
LEAV Leave Accural
LEVY (D) Federal Income Tax Levy - Deduction Option
LEVY (E) Federal Income Tax Levy - Exemption Option
LIT Local Income Tax
LNG Longevity Pay (not a deduction but a payment)
LTCE Long Term Care Employee
LTCS Long Term Care Spouse
LTD Long Term Disability
MED Medical Insurance
OAHI Old Age Health Insurance/Medicare
OASI Old Age Survivors Insurance/Social Security
OL Optional Life Insurance
ORP Optional Retirement Program
PARK Parking Deductions
PK-T PreTax Parking
RTH Roth 403(b)
SADC Dependent Care Spending Account
SAHC Health Care Spending Account
SIT State Income Tax
SORP Supplemental Optional Retirement Program
STL1, STL2 Student Loan Deductions
TOB TAMUS - Tobacco
TRS Teacher Retirement System (after the first ninety days of employment)
TRSC TRS Care Surcharge
TRS9 Teacher Retirement System (during the first ninety days of employment)
TRTY Treaty Exemption Amount
TRSS Teacher Retirement System Surcharge
TXPR Texas Protects
TTF Texas Tomorrow Fund
USRF User Services Fee
VIS Vision
WCI WCI Charges