Determining TRS Eligibility »

Teacher Retirement System eligibility, as determined by System Policy 31.02, begins when an employee has worked at least 50% effort for a period of at least 4½ months in a fiscal year and has not been a student holding a position for which student status is a requirement of employment.

As part of the BPP Month-End processing, MONPAY08 sends four CSV files into File Depot that can help determine an employee's eligibility for TRS participation.

The process reads the Pay History Tapes and selects employees that have worked more than 50% effort for each month. The files exclude:

  • Student Workers
  • Graduate Student Workers
  • Individuals already enrolled in TRS
  • Budgeted employees who are less than 50% effort with a PIN on BPP Screen 101 (Unless the person switched from a Wage Position)
  • Employees with an Employee Status code other than 'A - Active'

The primary file, MONPAY08_BP8611_01_TRS5PLUS, identifies employees that have met the criteria for the month and should be examined for potential TRS eligibility.

MONPAY_BP8611_02_TRSDETAIL lists the pay and hours detail of employees on the TRS5PLUS file.  This detail file can be used in conjunction with the MONPAY_BP_8611_EFFORT file which lists the number of work hours at 50% effort for each month of the fiscal year.

The file created by MONPAY08_BP8611_03_TRSSUMMARY can be used as a quick reference to the TRS5PLUS and TRSDETAIL files.