Determining Benefit Eligibility »

Group insurance is made available to System employees that meet the qualifications determined by System Policy 31.02. In general, if an employee works more than 50% effort for 41/2 consecutive months, they may be considered eligible for group insurance. Graduate Students that are also employees will usually be considered eligible for group insurance.

As part of the BPP Month-End processing, MONPAY08 sends six CSV files into File Depot that can help determine an employee's eligibility for group insurance.

The process reads the Pay History Tapes and selects employees that have worked more than 50% effort for each month. The files exclude employees with at least one of the following:

  • Certified other medical code of 'P'
  • Employee Status code other than 'A' or 'W'
  • SGIP ELIG code of 'E'
  • Active Insurance
  • Student Title code (Unless the student worker also has a position that isn't a Student Title code. Only the non-student position will be counted.)
  • A record in iBenefits
  • Budgeted position with less than 50% effort (Unless the employee also has a Wage position. Then both positions are included.)
Employees that are included in this reporting process will have all of the PINS they worked in for that month counted towards eligibility.  If the reporting shows that a employee didn't work over 50% effort for one of the months, the consecutive month count is reset to 1.

The primary file, MONPAY08_BP8612_01_4PLUS.CSV, identifies wage employees that have met the criteria for the month and should be examined for potential group insurance eligibility.

MONPAY08_BP8612_02_WAGEDTL.CSV and MONPAY_BP8612_02_BUDGETDTL.CSV lists the pay and hours details of employees potentially eligible.  These detail files can be used in conjunction with the MONPAY_BP_8612_EFFORT file which lists the number of work hours at 50% effort for each month.

The files created by MONPAY08_BP8612_03_BUDGETSUM.CSV and MONPAY08_BP8612_03_WAGESUM.CSV can be  used as a quick reference to the detail files listed above.