This file contains updates that have occurred to the BPP Log File. The BPP Log file logs updates to an employee's record, such as changes to Email Address, Phone Number, Banking Information, etc.   Log updates can be generated by the BPP System or one of the SSO web applications, either by a processor, an employee or an automated process. Log updates can be viewed at anytime by pressing the 'F9-Key' on any BPP Screen. A summary of this file is emailed to the processors. The UpdateIDs listed in this report can be used to identify that an automated process was run and to verify the update is correct.

Details about these updated fields can be viewed on BPP Screen 680.


BPP_LOG Sample
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Report Title: Reports that were formerly produced anytime an automated process was written.  
BPP Job Name: INSURD10  
BPP Program Name: BP8091N