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File Depot is a web application behind Single Sign On that acts as a secure transfer mechanism for various file types. The application consists of multiple folders or 'depots' that contain downloadable files, usually containing information used in the daily business of the Texas A&M University System. Within a depot, each System member has a dedicated area where only its files are available.  Access to a depot is restricted and must be requested via an email to

Because of space limitations and the sensitive nature of the data, each depot is only a temporary holding place where files are to be downloaded soon after they are made available.  The depot is not to be used as a file archive and each System Member is responsible for deleting its files from the depot after downloading them.

The File Depot is primarily used to transfer files between the BPP Operations Center and the individual System members. At the beginning of 2013, the BPP Operations Center began an effort to replace printed reports with Comma Separated Value (CSV) files and distribute them via File Depot. The CSV format allows spreadsheet applications, such as Excel, to easily filter and sort the report data.  The workstation notifies BPP when it no longer wants to receive the printed reports. 

Files currently being distributed through the File Depot