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13) How does an employee get a replacement copy of their Form W-2 they misplaced?
An employee’s Form W-2 needs to be corrected. How do I process the correction and get it to them?


These are two closely related questions. Producing a copy or a replacement for the original Form W-2 produced is simply a matter of picking the option that meets the employee’s needs as well as the capabilities of the payroll office.

I. The payroll office can “type” a new replacement W-2 for the employee. (not recommended, but possible)

II. The payroll office can request a replacement be printed using the old interface through WYLBUR – using the specified ID (K030ZZ), selecting the W-2 replacement option and entering the workstation and SSN(s) to be selected for printing. replacement W-2s, generally once a week. This process is available from February until mid-April.

III. The payroll office can print a replacement for the employee through HRConnect (with HRConnect Administrator access) and send it to the employee.

IV. The payroll office can ask the employee to print the replacement for himself from HRConnect. (This is the B/P/P Operations Center recommended option.)

V. In the case that a correction must be processed for the employee, then the payroll office MUST first process the correction on BPP screen 307. This is the same procedure used to enter corrections necessary to complete the initial Form W-2 distributed to employees for the tax year just completed.

If the Form W-2 correction is processed prior to the transmission of the W-2 data file to the Social Security Administration, the B/P/P Operations Center MUST be notified that the change has been entered into the B/P/P System and that a new replacement file MUST be created for that payroll office. The B/P/P Operations Center will then process the correction and rebuild the W-2 file for that payroll office. The updated file will then be forwarded to the HRConnect System and this system will process the updated file. Until that happens, the only option for a replacement form is option 1, which would NOT match the data file that would otherwise be sent to the Social Security Administration.

If the Form W-2 correction is processed after the W-2 file has been submitted to the Social Security Administration, the payroll office MUST process a Form W-2C. Hopefully, these types of corrections occur infrequently. There is no automated interface to communicate this change to the IRS and/or the Social Security Administration.

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